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  • Adrian Lewis around me, and I reported that Kyrie Irving and Avery Bradley are part of a player's coalition that is coming together to try to get some answers from the league that they feel just haven't been addressed surrounding those two things.

  • So what I can tell you is these guys are absolutely unified in the fact that what they want is to make sure that there isn't a distraction going on from the moment um surrounding black lives matter where there are questions now is just a divide in how that is been executed, isn't best executed by playing and using that flat ones away.

  • You're a temple says that it is, or is it best executed by not going to Orlando not playing and put going that order to continue to protest and raise awareness around this?

  • That kind entire e, seems to be taking that.

  • Ultimately, it being like whichever group has more people, the rest of the players will get behind that because they all have the same good intention.

  • But there's just a slight divide over what's the best way to move.

  • Well, let's spin that forward a little bit because last we all checked.

  • There has been an agreement between the union union and the MBA to go to Orlando and to play these games.

  • So what would be the result of them all of a sudden calling Adam Silver and said, Hey, you know that thing we agreed upon a while ago and maybe not so much where were hesitant to go play?

  • I mean, how do we think that's going to go?

  • Yeah, there's look, the thought that there will not be distractions if teams don't play probably isn't totally realistic just because of all the potential fallout that could happen there.

  • You know, Bobby Marks reported at the least and salute lose upwards of $1.2 billion.

  • If you want to continue obvious, there could be a walk out in the future.

  • There could be other issues, including tearing up the C B A, which could be problematic.

  • But at the end of the day, if you ask some of these players about those things, they will say in the face of 405 100 years, stemming compression in the face of racism, that doesn't matter.

  • As of those of the to kind of size, in which they're weighing scale.

  • Talking to Malika Andrews, our ESPN MBA reporter with us here on Gola Conowingo.

  • Malika is there maybe a fear amongst anyone in this coalition that if LeBron James were to come out with, we know the might of his opinion in the league and say that he is committed to playing basketball in 2020 in Orlando that it would severely alter some of the things that they're trying to plan.

  • You know, I believe that there is also that group of players that believe that they can do both That is not mutually exclusive to raising awareness around social issues around issues of race, of lavish use, of police brutality and also playing basketball on it.

  • Being that potentially, LeBron is in that group because you're already being his doing really big, important in actual things surrounding voting.

  • Um, that would help the black community in terms of what they're attempting to do.

  • So, yeah, I mean, we know that this is your powers leak, right?

  • We know that gift.

  • The biggest names in the game really want to return to play.

  • There is some weight and some sway to that, but this is unprecedented.

  • territory, both from the krona fire stand boy from from the protests that are going on and so you can only lean on what happened previously so much.

  • But previously, what has happened is when the league stars speak out, often times it goes their way carrier begins.

  • One of those leaks starts, but he isn't playing this year.

  • That sort of all the different factors that are swirling around in this enormous cold.

  • An enormous cauldron is the best way to describe it.

  • Even though some of used a bubble or a campus a resort with a as they get set to head down to Orlando was a zmelik a Andrews is with us.

  • Okay, so, look, we're well, we all try not to delve in these waters, but we have to at some point in the prognostication camp, Do you see this thing going forward without it without being much of a hitcher?

  • Do you think as more and more time goes on and potentially more players speak up, things may be in doubt about this thing playing out the way we believe that all would Right now, I believe from what I've learned in my reporting that the NBA's feels confident inside.

  • With Adams over on Bright Green first return to Sports show last night, he feels confident, Leak, so confident that both ways will they'll find the path forward.

  • You know, unlikely fall, which you guys give me a headache.

  • Talking about that.

  • They feel that they have a relationship with the NDP A.

  • That will allow them to find some common ground.

  • Now, will it go forward without a hitch?

  • It very hard to see that happening just based on the Corona virus, not necessarily just based on some of the racial issues that having, you know, when we are talking about players getting tested every other day, weeks leading up to the bubble.

  • Statistically speaking, it is more than likely that at least one player there were talking about, the MBA said, We're prepared for that.

  • We have continued to continue to be planted plate, but I think a very low probability gander is joining us here in garlic, a wing go.

  • And how surprised are you guys as insiders and reporters and maybe players, even at this point that we have not heard from LeBron James?

  • You know, I don't believe that there is a widespread thought of where is LeBron just because he is?

  • Hey, look, a social media if you look at the group he put together and he's putting his stamp on this movement, he saying one of the issues surrounding why it is so difficult to achieve racial equality is because black and brown people have disproportionate access to voting and black and brown people.

  • Often the United States have lost the right to vote because at some point they were incarcerated and then that privilege was taken away from them.

  • So team works in really tangible can't wait to try to combat that.

  • And I believe that he stakes look that speaks for itself, My body of work in terms.

  • My position speaks for itself.

  • And LeBron has long been a proponent of both being a you know, between Italy, outspoken person on social rights issues, on race issues and also still taking the court every day.

  • So I think he feels that he's made his staff on this.

Adrian Lewis around me, and I reported that Kyrie Irving and Avery Bradley are part of a player's coalition that is coming together to try to get some answers from the league that they feel just haven't been addressed surrounding those two things.

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