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it's a make or Miss Lee make miss for illegal promise.
I okay, make recognition with this.
Fourth quarter three here versus the Bulls, Melo past Alex English for 18th all time on the scoring list.
And Lalla facetime their son from the courtside there.
So Melo got a chance to salute his son Scotty.
You enjoying vintage Melo last night?
I'm I'm loving, You know, I'm happy that he's back in the league and just a camaraderie from his peers is, you know, I'm happy for him and he definitely deserves, as we've been watching, to be in the game.
Put up a lot of points.
Steel six for six on catch and shoot last night night.
Now that's what they want.
That's what they want out of him.
We move on, Miss Honest basketballs.
Honest Josh Richardson gets the dribble handoff here.
Chucks up a brick, flails just enough to get a whistle.
No contact.
Then he proceeded to miss role three.
Yeah, I mean, do you think machine Wallace's somewhere smiler all smiling?
By the way, I saw that tragic Bradley got fine.
How about we find Josh Richardson flopping because it's gotta stop getting this out of the game.
I don't find him.
Drake laughing Is punishment enough?
Scotty, find their for Josh Richardson.
Uh, he should be fine for 33 Next.
I like the booth.
That move there by Josh Richardson.
Make highlights.
Wolves Hawks.
Check the shout.
Step back from Trey Young.
Look at that.
It would take another look here in a second defensively and then, later on, he had a beautiful behind the back pass.
After this to Jabari Parker.
You'll see that here in just a moment.
Wow, Easy buckets there.
Steve Nash is Scotty, which was more impressive.
I think it was the past, I think the past.
I'm I'm used to him doing this step back, dropping at three.
Either him with James Harden.
So, yeah, for sure, pick your poison.
The passive makes him special.
Get a true for sure, I like a guy that's willing to deal Now is Grammy.
Did look that excellent point.
We move on Miss Control back to Toronto and six years outrunning, and Al Horford throws an errant lob, but it's directly into the backboard.
Two possessions later, though, we got the full court dime from Ben Simmons, so I mean should big out.
Just leave the point guarding toe Simmons in I only go pick on my guy.
Best ball handling, passing big man we have in the league.
Everyone has a bad day like what happened?
We love Big out should Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Scottie Pippen is happy Carmelo Anthony is back in the league | The Jump

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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