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It's a lot like I feel like I've had a lot of new experiences that have been great, but I think to actually walk onto the court where when you're playing on a lot was great, went out there, got some shots up.
You know, the lights are really bright Transit brightness center, but I think we're gonna have a lot of great memories.
It's morning for comparison, but that's the largest crowd they've ever had for this event.
Just what did you think of the fans that kind of cheering you on the whole time?
Kind of like that.
I think it just shows the love the city has for the pelicans.
You know, if we don't take the time out their schedule, come here and support us for I mean a little scrimmage.
That means a lot this way.
We can keep that same injury throughout the year And just have fun with you.
Get to pick your song, my love.
I, uh I don't get to pick one song.
It feels up to me on the right shows some old school Bobby Brown.
That's his meat.
How do you think McKeel did?
I mean, he seemed like He was pretty impressive there.
He did the best.
Killed did the best of us.
I probably did the worst or the second words, But killed did the best.
He had the crowd in his hands.
It is your first training, like figuring out this new system.
Um, he's been a It's been a stopping go process you're going, and then you're stopping having a and a lot of situation, but I'm enjoying I'm learning a lot of new stuff, but I didn't know about the NBA game, so it's a great process, Isa Great fun process.
But you also have to stop like, well, like me with fans.
And since they're right, he's asking about, uh, you know, Griffin did put me on spot with that last one, but it was, uh it was great.
I know that people have been wouldn't to see the Lonzo Z connection.
Uh, so we try to get at the dome.
Uh, we were one for two on that.
Oh, yeah, it was fine.
I'm just gonna have fun.
Just enjoy this job that I loved or there's a seat Alonso connection to way.
We'll be seeing a lot of those two But you know you might not finish them, my lady.
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Zion Williamson jokes that Lonzo Ball won't dunk his lob passes | 2019 NBA Training Camp

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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