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we now welcome in one of the host of Good Morning America on ABC and a Sports Center alum.
The one and only Robin Roberts always an honor to talk to you.
Let's get right into it, Robin.
Your thoughts about the last dance.
A documentary.
Siri's I thought it was excellent.
You know, they it lived up to expectations.
It exceeded the hype of many weights.
You know, you hear about never before seen footage and rare access.
It really delivered that.
And to see the emotion from from Jordan and his reaction, I thought it was really very clever of the producers to put iPad in his hands and let him see what was being said about him, especially when Jerry Rice, or try to get that excuse from why they were breaking up the team.
I just thought it was.
It was It was excellent in so many different ways as a person who's covered sports for years.
What were your expectations knowing Jordan and the way that you do?
What were your expectations off him coming into this documentary series?
I didn't think Steven, you know him really well.
He is a public figure, but he's a private man and we have really seeing behind the curtain.
This is the first time I really saw him.
Would like when he was with his baseball team mates in the way they were treated like one of the guys.
And I, you know, for the first time, watching a documentary like Oh, by the way, knew the outcome way.
We do that, we're gonna get six.
But you were still on the edge of your seat because you were seeing him.
You were seeing this icon you were seeing was considered what, be greatest, the goat.
And you saw him in a way that you truly had never seen her before.
What kind of effect do you think?
Those who do see this documentary series are going?
What kind of effect do you think is gonna have on the modern day player and a modern day sports figure overall, based on what they saw, you know, and we're not gonna get into a debate on, you know, LeBron versus Michael and who would have won and magic and all that.
I mean, that's to be debated to the cows come home.
It's really interesting, though, when I'm walking around my neighborhood here in Connecticut.
And when I see people of my age who have seen the documentary and they're like, Oh, my gosh, this is great people.
Are you actually seeing Michael Jordan?
And then we talk to their kids who are all about LeBron and the current players, which is all right, which is fine.
But you could tell the thing now or like remember when your grandfather or your father talk about Oh, I saw John Lewis.
I saw Babe Ruth.
You know that this is our generation.
Now we can say I saw Michael Jordan I saw the greatest of all time.
So I think in that regard, there gonna be some people that are still in a debate about it.
We debate about in my neighborhood, but I really feel that this really so I don't know if we're going to have.
There have been many championships.
One I can't see is doing this again and being so engrossed in watching it unfold as we did the last dance.
I just don't I don't see that happening.
You see many moments you reported on many moments, Robin, what's your personal favorite moment in regards to Michael Jordan seeing him play that IHS seeing him play because there are tubes.
Now, you want to tell you what he just never really told anybody about this.
He had he had left the Bulls that he was playing baseball.
I did a commercial with him.
Ballpark Franks, the hot dogs and my wine.
Was we here?
You could buy a ballpark.
It was, you know, whatever.
I had to be the trailer with him during in between takes.
There was a security guard, not Gus, not his man.
But there were other security guards outside the trailer.
Every single time we went back in that trailer, there were at least 10 15 items that had left in that trailer for him to sign.
Or somebody wanted something from every single time.
We went back in there.
So I just realized that every moment of his life, he has to be on that.
People want something from him.
I will remember most of watching him play of the 92 Olympics in Barcelona, the press, coppers beforehand.
All the players, the legends air all there, and Michael Jordan just did this.
You just kind of like script you.
I mean, I'm almost still blinded by all the flashbulbs were going off in all the cameras that were clicking just because he did this to scratches his head like the man.
It was just amazing to see the reaction.
And I love watching people watch him.
I enjoyed watching him, but seeing people who were seeing him for the first time, that's something I'll never forget.
The great Robin Roberts always appreciate your time.
Thank you so much.
Take care yourself.
Be safe.
His name.
Stephen A.
Thank you.
Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Robin Roberts forecasts Michael Jordan's effect on younger generation | SportsCenter with Stephen A.

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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