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All right.
So for the latest on this story, let's welcome in the host of Who collected podcast.
Brian Witte.
So Brian.
Minutes before Durant posted that message, Steve Kerr basically said, Look, we don't have any news on Durant.
So the question everybody's asking is, did he not tell them?
Well, they didn't have any news for the media on Durant, but I can assure you that they were well aware what was happening with Kevin.
I think they just wanted to give him space to make his own announcement.
Obviously, they were well aware that Kevin went in New York to get the M.
I and the surgery they were keeping in constant contact with his agent.
This is not unusual in the n b.
Players go off to see their own surgeons all the time.
It usually doesn't happen in this kind of stage and these kind of timing, that's what went down OK, well, that's good.
And I'm kind of falls in line with the Warriors have been saying all along.
We're trying to respect Kevin Durant and his process as well.
Okay, so let's talk about Kyrie Irving.
Let's talk about the dominoes that are falling, at least as we hear with respect to free agency.
Reportedly, he's thinking about opting out.
He's now taken on ROC Nation as his management company, parting with his longtime agent reading the Tea leaves here.
How do you think all of this affects Kyra's future?
Yeah, right.
This is another one of those things where timing seems very strange.
Kyrie it out had actually been thinking about this and plotting this for some period of time on Lee.
He knows when he made the actual decision.
This had been his agent since his rookie year, though, and Jeff Wexler is a guy who has only had a few clients and focus specifically on Kyrie.
So it was surprising, but not completely unexpected.
The interesting thing is that Rock Nation has close ties to the Brooklyn Nets.
It's run by Jay Z.
Obviously, at one time was, ah, a team owner of the Nets, the the guy who leads the Nets.
His brother is the president of of Rock Nation.
So there's a lot of connections here, and you could make certain leaps.
That said, I don't think that an agent representation they will determine just where Kyrie is gonna play.
But certainly Ryan tea leaves.
As you said, show Kyrie Irving is headed towards Brooklyn.
Okay, And speaking of another big time free agent, Kawhi Leonard, how does Durant injury situation affect him?
It's a good a good question.
Kawai sort of operates in his own orbit.
You know, there's been a lot of talk about Durant and Kyrie Irving teaming up.
There's been talk about LeBron teaming up with players.
There has been speculation that a team may try to sign a big free agent than trade for Anthony Davis, specifically the New York Knicks.
There's been none of that with Kowa.
He operates independently.
He is a very small circle.
Doesn't communicate a lot with other players in the league.
So I think Kawai is gonna do his thing no matter what.
And what is that gonna be?
We're all waiting to find out.
Oh, can't wait until free agency season starts.
Sees is not over yet.
And we're already jumping and we can't help ourselves, Brian.
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Kyrie is 'headed toward' the Nets - Brian Windhorst | Outside the Lines

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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