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J Well, Richard Jefferson here.
I'm Laura, and we've been talking a lot about obviously what is gonna go on with Cady, whether or not he's returning for Game four, even Game five.
And Richard Jefferson likes to have Siri involved Syrian.
They're always listening.
There always, always be careful with you.
Thought of an interesting point, though, When you think about Kevin Durant, he hasn't been the savior anywhere yet.
Now it feels like he certainly is if he comes back.
Kevin Durant has always been a luxury for the Golden State Warriors and I Look, I think this narrative has been following him since he went there.
Even Draymond Green said it way.
Want it without me the first time.
Okay, so my whole point about this whole thing is that now they actually need Kevin Durant to win a title.
Don't need him more than anything, and I think that could have a major impact on because every player wants to feel needed.
Okay, said, just somebody who who's supposed to be there?
And I think when free agency comes along, I'm not saying it's going to, but if you win a championship when you felt needed that can change up the narrative of what created, and I think there in lies.
The main problem is that when an individual wants to feel needed, but the need is not there right there.
It's like they want Kevin Durant.
They want Kevin Durant on their team.
They want him on their team to be dominant, but they don't need him to be great.
That's the issue that's always been the issue there with Golden State in him, if you, in my humble opinion, is that he wants something that doesn't exist.
He wants the fans to know that they need him there, but they don't They want him there.
And so the juggle between those two things that can be difficult.
First of RJ, your opinion has never humble.
Secondly, they are right.
They are number.
There it boogie Cousins takes more money somewhere else.
Next year, then you're gonna have the same team in the West.
That's kind of loaded.
Once again, you wouldn't need a guy like Kevin Durant unless you think that Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can carry the load to win another championship.
Potentially five agree.
But what we're talking about is a group of guys that know they can win a championship because Clay didn't get the Supermax.
They're still able to bring in another high level player so they could bring in 1/3 score that could complement Clay instead.
So they want Kevin Durant.
But Kevin Durant wants to feel needed, right, and, ah, lot of teams would need Kevin Durant.
But the Golden State Warriors?
He's a luxury for them.
Yeah, and when you think about all that and if Kevin Durant does leave the Golden State Warriors, maybe goes to the Clippers just throwing it out there, that changed the entire complexion of the West.
And then everything's totally different.
Let us know what you think about these guys take and whether or not Katie want's to be needed and how that affects free agency there in Golden State.
Want Syria thinks about that way?
Don't know she's not involved.
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KD 'wants something that doesn't exist' with the Warriors - Richard Jefferson | Get Up

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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