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  • but just found out about it regarding the league's decision to, I guess, pause the season.

  • I guess Rudy go.

  • Barry tested positive.

  • That game was suspended right before tip off.

  • The sacramental game was suspended.

  • Do Courtney Kerkeling, I believe, wrapping a Utah game recently.

  • I don't know any details.

  • I wish I could expound on that.

  • I don't know what this means.

  • I know instead of flying to San Antonio, we're gonna fly home tonight.

  • Um, we support the league's decision, obviously being putting the players, the fans, three officials, the coaches, the staff's best interest at heart and that we have to try to get a, um, are minds wrapped around what this coronaviruses doing?

  • And so we support their decision and we'll wait to hear word from them as to what this means.

  • Moving forward because, honestly, God, I have no idea.

  • And I just hope that we can figure this out and get back to playing basketball in a timely matter when it's deemed safe.

  • Yeah, so, you know, I had heard at halftime from Tim calmly, you know, as I was walking out, that they right before tip off the cancel the Utah game and then Dan Shemenski during the game.

  • Second half, he had told me that they're suspending this season.

  • Um, I was more worried about the game, obviously, and on all the things that we were not doing to win that game on.

  • Then I talked to the team as well as Tim Conley, trying to answer a few questions that came up, Um, you know, just trying to keep them informed.

  • But let's be honest, this just happened.

  • I don't have much information to provide, and I feel bad about that to give the players, and I feel bad about not being able to provide you with more inches.

  • But I don't know.

  • I have no idea what this means.

  • I just hope that we can find a way to contain it.

  • Fix this and once again get back to finishing up this season.

  • Okay, going without no rest.

  • Yeah, well, like right now for me, it's mixed emotions.

  • There's one that I'm still really upset with the loss that's first and foremost our jobs.

  • What we get paid to do.

  • The turnover is not getting.

  • We lost.

  • Not happy with the loss that happened, how we lost and then as you kind of your mind starts to formulate ideas on what's going on.

  • Kind of a scary situation.

  • Not been around the game a long time.

  • I don't ever remember the season being paused in the middle of it or at the end of it, because of this pandemic that is occurring right now across the globe.

  • Eso scary this is.

  • You lose a game when you get upset, take a step back.

  • You think about how this is affecting millions and millions of people around the world and it's affected, right?

  • I mean, Rudy, go bare.

  • You know, you think it's a cell it's not can affect us where the n b a.

  • It one of our players has a Corona virus, and you know who knows what that means for their team and the other teams that we know have been with them.

  • So you really get concerned for just what's going on, not just here in the n b A, but in the entire world, it's Ah, these are things that you watching movies, you know?

  • I mean, you watch a movie about this stuff, and now we're living it and tryingto take it day by day and figure out how to move forward and get some clarity.

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but just found out about it regarding the league's decision to, I guess, pause the season.

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