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  • engaged, you know?

  • No, I put the boom in boom headshot, and I usually talk about how awesome weapons are.

  • But there's a beauty in the way a weapon is used, the surgical precision that not only eliminate your foe but lets everyone know they died exactly the way you want it.

  • And nothing said, you're dead motherfucker than the head should.

  • The way I'm boom stick for screwing text Topkin number 10 You got to be pretty damn good to pull of a head shot by firing from the hip.

  • Only the finest of gunslinger's could put a bullet right between the eyes on Lee by using muscle memory.

  • But this is absolutely no problem for Overwatch.

  • Is McCree all he has to do and set himself up into a state of pure, dead eyed focus.

  • A bigger target, varied bullet and with the pull of a trigger, can fan his hammer, letting his chambers viral at very late into the domes of six helpless victims whose bodies all hit the ground simultaneously.

  • And that's just satisfying Number nine in a list of Johnson's no surprise that one of my all time favorite weapons is here.

  • The cerebral bore from Torok.

  • There's a special level of brutality in the slow penetration of the skull, the grinding of the brain and the delving of the next camp for the grand finale of Brain matter fireworks.

  • The cerebral bore is one of the best tools for making ahead shut.

  • Extra messy.

  • That's why I always carry and tarp.

  • You never know when the blood is gonna be flying.

  • Number Slow motion makes Kills so much sweeter It's like taking the time to savor a bite on an extra rare steak.

  • Even though superhot confuses me most of the time, I still managed to find sweet joy and shooting one of those weird polygon demons, catching his shotgun, turning around in counting for just one second before firing two super hot barrels into the fragile glass head of his best friends.

  • I mean, that's a bad as head shot right there, digging to the next level with slow motion number seven giblets, not just a side dish on the Thanksgiving table anymore.

  • Soundest half the experience when it comes to exploding premiums and epic must have done a shitload of research to really nail that Vicky's Lucy noise when popping locust pinheads combined that with an engine tailor made to simulate Gigli meat.

  • 10 years of war is absolutely Gorius, while the Nasher is my preferred weapon.

  • Sandwiching a skull between food and gun green is almost therapeutic in some ways, that there is my phone notification number six.

  • Not so long ago, head shots were just about a guy having his head, and then you shoot it.

  • But enter Soldier of Fortune.

  • No, not just my favorite toilet literature, but a video game with an engine made to systematically disassemble the human body, exploded entire head or simply shoot off a piece of someone's face.

  • Each end shot and Soldier of Fortune is a beautiful, unique snowflake.

  • Unlike any other game on this list.

  • By taking the precision of a head shut to the next level, I think you no longer have face number five.

  • Hunters usually get their brave stuffed and mounted on the wall after a solid kill, but it has got time for that.

  • That's why I really appreciate BioShock two, which features a harpoon gun in which killing and mounting are one and the same luck load and Philip someone's face with a three foot harpoon look at that thing.

  • You can pin people toe walls to ceilings, toe furniture, but wait, there's more.

  • You can yank the steal out of their face and put it back in your inventory.

  • So theoretically, you don't even have to carry a lot of ammo.

  • Men right there is leave a will and practical number four with more violent variety than any other game on this list.

  • Manhunts.

  • Title alone was enough to sell me the sneakier you can be, the more horrendous the kill.

  • I'm invading their personal bubble to achieve maximum cranial carnage while exploring my other hobbies.

  • Like my enthusiasm for sports, my love for crafting or my deep love re lumber jacking and I always be sure to recycle our Children's future depends on a clean environment.

  • Number three.

  • Now I'm a sucker for making sure that people go down, Stay down If you didn't know every single bullet fired in Max Payne, three is fully modeled and it shot penetrating.

  • The human body is pulling, detailed and rendered in real time.

  • That means when you shoot someone in the face, you'll see every single bullet or maybe from a shotgun, burrow into the skin of the bad guy as they go down to permanent nap time.

  • So if you're good enough to put down a target with just one bullet from your machine gun, hell, go ahead.

  • Spend the other 29 bullets on the rest of their face to really get your point.

  • Number two Few things can inspire the rampant murdering of scary men and mushroom zombies like the power of fatherly love.

  • The realistic violence in the last of us contains some pretty nasty cases of head trauma of brick to the head would suck.

  • As with getting your noggins dumped in or even getting your face ripped apart by my ex wife, Bird wins someone leading on the ground, begging for their legs.

  • No, I'm sorry.

  • Have allergic to put.

  • Sees its number one.

  • There are so many head shuts in the Mortal Kombat franchise that it's almost impossible to choose one.

  • Oh, that's a good one.

  • No one's okay, too.

  • No, no, no.

  • I don't think that for this list, but the only wayto pickets to select the very 1st 1 that pumps into my head and that's undoubtedly Johnny Cages triple head punch from mortal combat, too.

  • A person measures their manliness with their fists.

  • And you can't deny a trifecta.

  • I've ever gotten so powerful that it knocks someone's head into the air, then magically generates another head that's knocked up.

  • And then he does it 1/3 time here.

  • Is that even possible?

  • Who gives a shit?

  • That's cool.

engaged, you know?

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