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It's the year 25 60 and the world's garden crazy aliens air everywhere were traveling for space and business vel.
There's a brand new sport in town, an intense mix of high speed racing with anti gravity technology.
What's is this is F zero so much better than NASCAR.
You seem pretty chipper.
Well, yeah.
Bring it on him.
Why don't we have this in real life yet?
Probably because it's extraordinarily dangerous on the F zero Grand Prix.
One wrong turn can end your life.
Yeah, What's your problem?
The ones that Survivor The best of the best, including the champ himself.
Captain Falcon.
Most of the world Falcon is in legendary Racer at household name, but that's about it.
Otherwise, he's a mystery, like Batman sort of off the track.
Captain Falcon is actually an accomplished bounty hunter dedicated to a mission of saving the universe from the file forces of Black Shadow.
Like a heavy metal band or something.
Well, then dim black shadow is a cold blooded king of crime, determined upend the universe to his will.
He's also good, horrible taste in style.
How often you think that then gets cut on doorframe.
Truly the most evil of evils to dig on Black shadow Falcons a goddamn bed s.
He's super tough and super skilled in martial arts.
Best of all, he's got a bunch of fiery super moves.
The Speedy Falcon kick, the unpredictable Rafter Boost and Falcon dive where he hopes people so hard they explode.
Just calling it Like I see it lives either way.
As impressive as these techniques are, they pale in comparison to his greatest and most famous.
Well, good.
He literally Bunches people so hard they exploded bird shaped fire, which is awesome.
But how?
An excellent question.
And while it's never been thoroughly explained, the answer may lie within his sleep.
F zero machine, the Blue Falcon.
All right, enough for now is all this F zero tuck has made me want to go do something really responsible in Madrid.
Please don't try to doughnut flip again.
It can't possibly fail the 60th time.
Good luck.
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Captain Falcon Punches DEATH BATTLE!

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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