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  • they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

  • Thanks.

  • Toa honey Honey is a preschool that connects to your computer trouser.

  • When you shop online, Honey scans the Internet for discount.

  • That applies the biggest savings to your card automatically.

  • You worked on Amazon eBay, Newegg Razor practically everywhere you shop.

  • Talk about structuring, right, so make sure you join 24 Free had joined honey dot com slash db x.

  • That's joined honey dot com slash dp x.

  • All right time for the show.

  • Two rolls You're extravaganza.

  • Let me welcome you to.

  • That's half the battle that will decide in whole question of the edges, cats or dogs, which is superior in one corner.

  • We have the tools start swinging the gun shooting images on the other corner way.

  • Have this and 1/2 demon the way Let's scythe competition for stop.

  • Both of them have amazing animal traits, like with her planets.

  • Heritage can see in the dark like many cats in the world, but that's not all.

  • She's easily distracted by laser pointers and even a tad anxious around.

  • Dogs talk about scratching overall, a cat girl check boxes, Am I right?

  • However, this won't stop her from kicking your ass because this bill is stronger than a beast tougher than a stale baguette and faster than your cat at 3 a.m. She can even make shadow clones of herself.

  • So if you're having a hard time keeping up with her, well, it may not even be her.

  • On the other hand, Ito Yasha is half demon dog half human, which means he's strong enough to put your average gym bro to shame.

  • Durable enough to consider everything a flesh wound and fast enough to dodge bullets chocolate, which is Mama's heat seeking house slippers.

  • If you don't Hubble Espanol to get a boost to his stats, he throws away his human decency and goes rabbit animal form enough about their abilities.

  • Let's talk about that dope afte ARDS Blake sword.

  • The gamble shroud can transform.

  • It goes from being s cleaver to katana with a built in gun.

  • And if that isn't enough, chicken women around on a ribbon for it to useful for some long race decapitating access.

  • On the other side of things in Yasha has the Tetsusaiga Sword Board from his father's too pretty disgusting When you think about it, do what?

  • This sort Let's Inuyasha create destructive winds and even make tornadoes and effects.

  • Not enough.

  • It shoots Diamond Spears.

  • Demon magic is pretty nifty, isn't it?

  • Now I'm sure this pair will rain down one hell of a fight.

  • So without further ado, let the exhibition.

  • So, yeah, the average hunting user saves about $126 per year.

  • That is a lot of money.

  • It's gonna be a blockbuster of bald purple dudes.

  • So vote for your favorite fighter in our next exhibition before Friday, September 6.

  • Fire the link in the description.

they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

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