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What's that?
Uh, you know, just filming you its market last screw attack Top 10.
My last one ever conversation?
Yeah, that's so we're going to say it's my last great tech top 10.
Don't worry.
Top tens aren't going away.
You can find out where I'm gonna be going on October 10th here in a little bit.
Pay attention.
Number 10 October 10.
You'll find out why I'm gonna be I always had a bunch of dumb fucking top 10 ideas, uh, that I couldn't make because they were really too stupid, because Craig, you wouldn't let me, uh u s.
So I thought I'd get them all out of the way on a single list for my final top 10.
So here we go.
I don't know why I always do karate, but it's the last top 10.
Dumbest fuckin top 10 ideas.
Thank you.
In the nuts.
It's the one and only tactic you should really use in a bar fight.
Top 10 headbutts breaks out the top 10.
Dumb fucking top 10 ideas because I really almost made this one, but it's too fucking stupid.
And I couldn't come up with enough entries.
I could have thrown down Shepherd headbutting Kragen bitches and mass effect Batman Headbutts tons of people in the Arkham Games.
We could list Balrog in ST Butter or even E Honda, who does the wildest flying head butt of all time.
Headbutting is an attack that's been in video games for decades, even dating back to the old school in games like Battle Toads, which features ahead smash that's transcended generations and is in killer instinct to this day, or in the cases of characters like Ferengi, a way to show people that you have a great ass without taking off your pants.
Number nine.
I actually pitched this list a couple of times.
Top 10.
Letting them habits let him have it.
Let's see a got you Remember Avengers, when Loki is all like grammar, may maiming and then the whole lets his ass have it.
Or lead the weapon.
When Riggs and Murtaugh by gently on that dock, and then they go in the water and Riggs gets an A K and let's Jet li have it double barrelling fools in Gears of War three.
Stabbing people in the head with a knife, an army of two putting to rape ears from someone's fuckin face in assessing screed, black flag or pretty much any disarm from dead to rights.
Forget rolling under somebody and using bullets to make them levitate.
Shout out to YouTube Commenter Eclipse Night 95 who probably didn't know his suggestion would be on this Top 10.
Top 10.
Vince crawls Some of the dumbest stop 10 ideas would have to be ultra specific actions crawling through Vince's almost two iconic and idea to not make, which is why it ranks so high on the list of dump bucking Top 10 ideas like Final Fantasy seven.
Remember being in the Shin Ra headquarters and crawling through the Vince to spy on Ho Jo.
Hey, Hi, Dick Egg Digger could never say his name.
And President Shin Ra.
How about the countless metal gear splinter cell in dais, expend crawls or perhaps the most iconic video game big crawl of all time?
GoldenEye Double 07 Recon.
Sit idly and watch that guy take a shit before shooting in the head.
That's what been crawling is all about numbers, whether it's from the first person view and fallout, or shitting out Children by the thousands in Yoshi's Island.
I think childbirths would be an awesome idea for a top 10.
Births are super important and video games.
You obviously couldn't even play fallout if you weren't born right.
What about important moments in video game history?
Like the birth of God, The thorny date that ends a watching a puss and blood covered baby scored out of a poon is fun and all.
But what about Yoshi's island?
You can crap out your eggs and throw him at the bad guys.
That franchise is all about the true beauty of creating life.
The Internet's always coming out with lists about killing and destroying life.
But the Internet needs to be positive and talk more about creating life number six.
How about I make a list about the top 10 hand jobs companies like Nintendo?
They got more hand jobs in any other company out there.
I'm not gonna talk about how blatantly lazy and repetitive Nintendo is with its hand bosses, because you probably forgive him anyway.
But it's not just Master Hand or Andros that would be on the top 10 hands list.
What about Glover, The Centeon glove that's contend with rolling balls all day.
Or Biota commandos Rad Spencer, who loves to swing with his wife.
No, I don't mean they're meeting people in a dirty mattress room for a gangbang.
I'm talking about how he swings with his wife.
His arm is his wife.
If I got the chance to make this list, I'd probably even talk about our own gamer hands.
Which takes us straight into the next entry number.
Who knows why they exist except in video games where they exist to murder you.
So we should cover that in a list I'd third down characters like Lady Death Strike with their fingers coated in Anna mania.
Those sons of bitch death clause will swipe your damn head off Sabre Wulf, who doesn't carry a sabre.
But we'll still chop the shit out of you with razor sharp flushes.
Or maybe even the witch from the leopard dead Siri's, who really needs to file her shit down because girl damn including entries like hearses, super cute pink nails from Dota two would round out the list, probably topped by Cronos is uncapped flaky tragedies.
The top 10 invisible first person shooter player models.
You know those models that are really just on arm holding a gun attached to a floating camera.
You're shooting aliens in the Black Mesa research facility or blessing all Tore Corp on Mars and you look down and you don't have any legs.
I'd probably based this list on the quality of a game that has an invisible player model, which should have a visible player model.
All that polishing the BioShock games.
And you can't give me a pair of legs when I look down.
Sure, you can debug the game or whatever to see what the models look like, but that doesn't matter.
Don't forget what will likely be one of the most notoriously horrible, invisible first person player model blunders of all time, that one from no Man Scott.
Remember when those two players couldn't see each other on that planet when they met up?
Its not because of net code or instance ing, because the player models are invisible silly.
Nellie's number three Philip er's, with exception, probably don't think about this when they're trying to create horrifying creatures and video games.
But have you ever played a game like Silent Hill four or Kirby, you know, and thought, man.
I bet it feels really good to put my Penis inside that thing's face.
Moments like that make me think I should make a top 10 faces that look like vaginas.
I mean, the smelter, demon and dark souls to is a really, really tough boss, not because of its difficult attack patterns, but because of that truly bankable face.
Abu I could be watching Return of the Jedi I in seeing Landau Calabrese inside dick Or, if I'm playing of Borderlands game in Iraq, I pops out of the ground.
I always, uh, God, I always after set my sex motor off to avoid distraction.
But top 10 faces that look like vaginas would still be a spectacular Top 10 topic.
This is the dumbest thing I have ever written for a top 10 0 good number two.
Sometimes in games normal, Klima Bill services won't do ladders air no good and stares and slopes air just impractical for moments like these would be really important to build a top 10 of contextually Klima ble services moss in occuring of time giant beasts in shadow of the Colossus, Vega's Cajun street fighter.
That weird fucker games like uncharted and Miers Edge have contextually climb mobile services that are highlighted to make it easy on players that are too stupid to not know where to go next.
Even old PlayStation classics like Crock would be great for this list.
Number one would undoubtedly be the wall of Honey and D K.
To look at that, this is the super Nintendo, and the monkeys have animations where they take a bite of the sweet stuff while they're climbing.
That's awesome.
It's number one.
You're playing a game.
You're having a good time.
You're on the precipice of greatness, and your finger slips into a screw hole on the back of a controller.
It displeases you and you perish in your game.
Devastation, loss, confusion, questions pop into your head.
Why did this happen to me?
How will I ever be the same again on Lee?
The finest of controllers have screw hole arrangements that are pleasing.
If I were to count down the most adequate of screw holes on the back of a controller, number two would be the Xbox one controller.
But what's number one?
You ask Whoa!
Yeah, look at that.
You know what the most pleasing screw.
Whole layout is a layout with no screw holes.
And there's no other controller with a smoother ass out there.
Then the is and who he has never been number one at anything except failing expectations.
Shout out to a great Popsicle for that entry.
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Top 10 Dumbest F*cking Top 10 Ideas

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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