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This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by Gamefly.
They're two of the most iconic swordsmen in videogame history....
known for taking on things way out of their league.
Link, the champion of Hyrule.
And Cloud Strife, guardian of the Lifestream.
And orphans.
Since both combatants use such vast player-customizable arsenals...
in this scenario they will wield what they are most comfortable taking into battle.
This the weapons they choose to take into their fighting games.
However since standard skills, weapons, traits and armor aren't specified in Dissidia and Smash...
we're taking those from their whole story.
And remember, in Death Battle there is no outside help allowed.
"Ooh, but Boomstick, they have summons, and they're cool, and fairies, and..." Shut up!
It's our show, and this is the way we're doing!
I'm Wizard and he's Boomstick...
and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win...
A Death Battle.
Link is the legendary multi-incarnate hero of the Hyrule Kingdom.
Humble and brave, he's battled the forces evil for over ten generations.
Each fairy hero is Link... Ha ha! To each other.
No, Boomstick, he's no a fairy.
Pointy ears, tights, magic, and look at that hair!
Every incarnation of Link bears the spirit if the Hero...
bestowing the unbreakable will and combat prowess of each previous owner.
Since he's got over ten Links of learning to work with, he's an expert with tons of weapons and magic.
Especially his iconic Master Sword.
This double-edged blade was forged by the goddess Hylia, to slay powerful demons.
It repels evil, and deflects light-based magic.
And when Link is in top shape, he can shoot beam things out of it!
Why this changes when he takes a hit, I don't understand, but hey, lasers!
When low on energy, the Master Sword can still launch the Skyward Strike, by calling upon power from above.
In addition, it utilizes three magical medallions.
However, the Master Sword is far from Link's only weapon.
He's got some deep pockets.
He somehow carries around a boomerang and tons of bombs...
along with a hookshot, which launches ziplines his way around and bring things to him.
Man, that really would've help to get that last beer all those times on the couch.
Probably I'd still be married.
Doubt it. Links is an excellent archer, and uses the Hero's Bow in conjunction with several different arrow types.
However, much of Link's arsenal is more suited to exploration than combat.
Which is why he hides behind several layers of defence.
Like the Red Ring, which reduces injury by 75%.
The Golden Gauntlets brace his arms against intense pressure, though do not increase striking power.
He also carries three different pairs of boots.
Three, huh? Told you he is a fairy.
The Iron Boots weight 130 pounds, the Hover Boots float in midair...
and the Pegasus Boots with attached Roc's feather increase Link's speed and agility to superhuman levels.
But his best defense is the Hylian Shield.
Originally crafted by the Thunder Dragon Lanayru, the Hylian Shield is completely indestructible.
Link also has a little help from the goddesses, via the Triforce of Courage.
This tiny golden triangle embodies his ability to beat overwhelming odds.
He is a puzzle solver, analyzing and exploiting his opponent's weaknesses...
even with there's one only possible means of winning.
But while Link has the necessary tools to take on any opponent...
his over-reliance on inventory over pure skill leaves him vulnerable.
Still, anyone who can fight a guy three times his size, while wielding a sword twice as large as he is...
is a badass in my book.
With so many weapons and skills, there are few could stand a chance against the Hero of Hyrule.
Plus, if he dies, we can always just clap and bring him back to life...
He's not a fairy!
Cloud Strife, guardian of the Lifestream, is no ordinary swordsman.
There's no way around it. He's a fucking super soldier. But damn, he's on desperate need for a haircut!
Impulsive and moody, Cloud strove to join the SOLDIERS of the Shinra organization.
Instead he was forcefully exposed to Mako poisoning...
a raw energy drained from the planet itself.
And somehow it gave him all the memories of his dead buddy Zack....
including his first class SOLDIER training. Thanks, strangely convenient planet poison!
That's not all Cloud inherited from his friend. His main weapon is Zack's Buster Sword...
a colossal single-edged blade.
With his strength, Cloud can swing this much faster than any normal human.
Holy shit, look at that! That's a man sword right there!
The Buster Sword contains two slots for Materia, condensed Mako that grants magical abilities.
However, since their creation damages the planet, Cloud has limited his Materia use.
He typically carres the Firaga materia, which shoots fire at things.
And in the last slot, we're giving Cloud his most iconic Materia, Thundaga.
This Materia can shoot electricity and summon lightning bolts.
Cloud has an encyclopedia's worth of anger issues, which actually works to his advantage.
He can channel his rage into extremely powerful Limit Break attacks.
These emo-charged Limit Breaks range from paralyzing foes with cross slash...
to launching meteors from his sword.
But his deadliest is the Omnislash, a move so fast and powerful it practically guarantees victory.
As he doesn't carry any other Materia, Cloud obviously wears Ziedrich armor...
While this magical band has 0 Materia slots, it grants the wearer an extraordinary amount of defense...
and halves damage received from elemental, magical and physical effects.
Also, Cloud wears a ribbon, which makes him immune to all status effects, like burns and stuns.
Well, I guess that makes it worth wearing a freaking chick accesory!
Cloud is rash and agresive, but not the brightest fighter.
He often relies on overpowering opponents through sheer ferocity and brute strength.
Like a badass, you don't need to think too hard when you're strong enough to cut through freaking skyscrapers...
Cloud's singlehandely taken down quite a few powerhouses...
like that giant Bahamut SIN, and planet-busting Sephiroth.
He's even been completely impaled and shrugged it out like it was nothing!
Multiple times! I mean, look at that shit!
It's impossible to deny Cloud's superhuman abilities makes him one of the deadliest swordsmen...
in videogame history.
Even if he looks like a girl.
Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.
But first, I command you to obey the following message!
Hey Boomstick, to you like videogames?
Yeah, but they're so expensive! I just wish there was some sort of magical Internet service...
so I could play them without having to buy them all!
Well, starting at $15.95 a month you can sign up for Gamefly...
the largest online video game rental service. With over 8,000 titles to choose from...
you can rent up to four games at a time and play them for as long as you like.
So I get everything? Sucks for you being a PC gamer!
I told you consoles were better!
Wrong! Gamefly members can play hundreds of PC games for free with unlimited PC play.
What?! No way!
Yes way! Don't believe it? Try it yourself for free at www.gamefly.com/deathbattle
Well, I would be stupid not to do that right after this Death Battle!
(Rock music)
(Metal ringing)
(Magic dispersing)
(Swords clashing)
(Magic hissing)
(Electricity crackling) (Sword clanging)
(Loud footsteps)
(Cloud shouting)
(Electricity crackling)
(Dramatic music) (Bowstring stretching)
(Repetitive clanging)
(Ice forming)
(Ice shatters) (Clang!)
(Sword spinning through air)
(Sword scrapes across floor)
Uh! (Heroic music)
(Clawshot whirring)
(Flipping through air)
(Boots slipping on floor)
(Friction squeal)
Yah! (Clang!)
Stars! Rain down!
This ends here!
(Yelling) (Reticle bleeping) (Shield clanging)
(Weak grunt) (Crash!)
(Climactic music) Iyah!
(Explosions) EeeeeeeeEEEEh!
(Music stopping)
Wow! Shack one up for the fairy guy. That was awesome!
In what might be the closest duel in Death Battle history...
Link's combination of arsenal and strategy were just enough to defeat Cloud's brute force.
Not to mention his items helped him match Cloud's superhuman abilities.
Cloud may be powerful, but Link's Golden Gauntlets were stronger.
In Ocarina of Time, Link used them to lift and thow an enormous column of granite.
As granite weights 166 pounds per square foot, this means Link can withstand...
over a thousand tons of pressure, surviving any of Cloud's assaults.
Cloud should've had his mind on more than just the Master Sword.
The winner is Link.
It is scientifically proven that people enjoy Death Battle and other Screwattack content more...
if it's put right in front of them. Like right here! Click this convenient link...
and see another episode of Death Battle, or other Screwattack videos.
I'm doing it, for science!
Thanks for being a test subject, Boomstick.
I did science! I'm better than you!
Next time on Death Battle.
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Link VS Cloud (Zelda VS Final Fantasy) | DEATH BATTLE!

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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