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a whole lot of constant Brexit going on e.
I have no comfort.
Have a controversy.
Everybody else did so well.
Can I ask you to champion Boston Celtics?
Some of this is going back and forth of yacht on my back Park.
Welcome to the show.
I'm so just so you be it.
Let me just say it.
ISS I literally just opened up my phone.
It is like Kendrick Perkins says Paul.
Paul Pierce's All Timeless is personal.
You have beef, LeBron says his rookie year in the game.
A Columbus.
What happened in Columbus Park may have brought up personal beef.
I'm time.
My big guys smoking.
I always think my joy like the jobs man I don't wanna be Oh, come on.
This part he's got That's all up a state days, guys ugly.
And we almost had a sculpture in the tank.
Oh, wait, no, Those problems, We've got the ride on the captain.
You know what gets too good now?
And ever since then, man in broad, I'm really busy, you know?
They've been bumping a Thanks be social Media wasn't out there because I speak that bitch.
So Paul Pierce, we didn't know about Columbus.
Thank you.
Big perk for being great in the media.
Joining the family.
Could we get extra stories?
Pop is what happened in Ohio.
E I mean, it was just, you know, the crazy thing about it was a pre season game.
Didn't mean anything.
Oh, no.
We kneel in the brown going back and forth, the benches, yelling that something.
And I look over to the bench and I'm like, That's why I got on the bench or something.
And I skedaddled, and I'm not sure I hit somebody or not.
But in that direction, it just kind of tippers prepared up.
Next thing you know, he was in the hallway is about to go down.
But that's just kind of like the a taste anything.
Tell him what was riding.
What, you don't Oh, hi, big fella.
Ryan will be those.
Don't Don't.
Don't go right, Claire.
Like security bodyguard at the call.
What happened?
A J Rose man.
So trying to place a boat.
But I was doing you come from the from the mud in cabins.
I want to try t, but and you're drew.
Got two of the best beards of all time side.
Maria, that was breaking news.
You're right.
We need to get way past crazy like this is getting better and better.
But I say one thing When Jay got particle on Paul, he was like, Yeah, we got to do is on the 49.
Even we're going to get your heads at the park.
A J Did you hear that O g.
Hall of Famer spits in preseason game.
How about that?
Right way.
What do you want me to say about hearing that, J.
What does that mean?
I'm just I'm just like I'm just letting you know that I was going down There was really It was really personal, right?
Have big park.
You have Paul spitting.
I'm just sand.
You don't think personal, J.
Rose, You don't think we get personal to a personal only goes to the old heads?
I don't know.
The J.
I don't know.
You want to be ride with the old days right now?
No, man, you don't worry.
And chief on cheaper keeping.
Staying up to date in the last man.
I'm so fake.
I mean, from the old heads and the night Because there was a lot.
Good night was it was a nice way, little one.
No snitch?
No, I feel like whatever.
Tell us today.
What was it?
You were in the same room with Paul.
We didn't have warranty.
You might get spit on because your list matches.
I realize you're like, you're not.
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Paul Pierce dishes on his beef with LeBron James | NBA Countdown

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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