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You have Phil Jackson somewhere right now punching air because your company clutch just partner with United Talent Agency.
What a big time movie.
What does this do for your company all man, You know what this does for our company is it allows us to partner with a global powerhouse.
And, you know, over time we've always tried to, um, understand the athlete.
You know where the athlete is today, where the athlete is going tomorrow.
And with that, you know things.
Partnership with UTA allows us to represent the client just so much better with all the resource is their expertise to know how, Um and if you know, it couldn't came at a better time.
And I'm looking forward to like, we are extremely excited the company to be able to have such a great partner and UTA And, you know, throughout the conversations, it just it just felt right.
It felt good.
They were great throughout the due diligence of us, and they understood what was important to us as a company.
They wanted to understand what's important to the athlete going forward, and so I couldn't be more excited.
Man is it's unbelievable.
You know, um, opportunity for us, but also, you know, just just for the athlete and what they represent today, this partnership allows us to grow in areas in which you couldn't even imagine, because just that global reach is something that you can't put a value on.
And so I'm really looking forward to it.
I think it's gonna be a game changer for us going forward.
It is gonna be a game changer because, as you know, all athletes want to be in movies and be entertainers and or vice versa.
And as somebody that's built up what I consider ah, boutique type agency because you represent some of the top flight players in the game, do you wonder if this partnership was gonna force you to lose some level of control over what you've been able to accomplish so far?
Oh, absolutely not.
I mean, that was one of the first things for them.
They understood that that was important for me, and that's what came out in the New York Times article.
I think they think it was quoted like, you know, we support Rich to have full control of you know what, what he does like they'd never wanted take away from from Ks G and what we do.
And then the addition off making me the head of sports for you ta, which was against something I didn't even fathom throughout through our conversation, was just a testament to toe heart work.
And, you know, and I appreciate my team for for being able to allow me to be positioning such So you know, it's like a to a two headed monster, which is really, which is really unbelievable.
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Rich Paul: Klutch sports partnering with United Talent Agency is a game-changer | Jalen & Jacoby

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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