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There's a famous sports book, Stephen A and James, and it's well known Ball four by Jim About, and it's really considered a kind of seminal work for you changed things because rather than just books and media lionizing sports stars like Let me take you peek behind the curtain, this is what's really happening.
So, of course, it's like, What about the sanctity of the locker room?
And on the other hand, it's a valuable kind of piece of journalism.
So So what Jordan do?
Did Jordan tell on his teammates?
And was that a bad thing yet that you can reasonably say that should stay in the locker room, and in another way, he's giving the public more information.
Now there's a separate criticism that Hodges also touched on that because Jordan's controlling the documentary, It's not really a documentary.
It's not exactly a piece of journalism, and that's true.
You can take from what you will.
It's really a piece of entertainment, but it's great entertainment.
I think it's extraordinarily well done and went, and when something is done like this, and it's telling a story from the past, there will always be disgruntled characters from from the past about which the story tells that when their story didn't get in there enough for that one point of view became dominant.
And that's what's happening here.
Hodges is not out of line A would like clarification on a few things, he said.
Max, I agree with you wholeheartedly, especially that back half of the of what you just were able to expound upon.
And here's the thing.
I don't want Craig Hodges to be vilified, okay, because there are two sides to the coin and this saying that now everybody has their own truth.
So, you know, one of the things that I see just perceptively here is, you know, Michael Jordan.
A is telling his story from his P O.
Michael Jordan's P.
V is very similar to the Kobe Bryant P.
Wright like at times they air so fixated on what they have to achieve.
And Michael was.
It alluded to this during the documentary where he says, you were winning at all costs.
Here we have to do what it takes to do to win.
It seems like Craig Hodges and yes, even they agreed to a degree he might be big rental, but it seems like perceptively he was a lot more where about some of the things that were going on outside of basketball because of his circumstances, right?
He wasn't he wasn't Michael Jordan.
So you know one thing I just want to make sure is that Craig Hodges he is telling his truth now.
One of things I could see a little bit throughout this documentary is that this is Michael Jordan's truth.
I don't know if this is all the way.
Scottie Pippen's truth.
I don't know if this is all the way Steve Kerr is truth or other teammates that he was able tohave.
So I do like the fact that Craig has stood up about this because it gives people inside into okay, like that's Michael Jordan story that he's telling right now during a pandemic, which has the world literally on Holt watching this.
But these air Michael Jordan's fax in his mind.
This is not maybe the fax overall of exactly what happened due to everybody involved in this story.
I do like the fact that he's shaping that building to extend Jay, I want to say this to you and Max, and I want you all to think about this before we go to commercial break number one Craig Hodges.
I didn't hear him recruiting for feuding things that Michael Jordan said.
I hear him.
I heard him expressing a problem with what Michael Jordan had to say.
The fact that Michael Jordan was willing to saying Not that he was denying that it was true.
That's number one number two.
Let's go into the details.
Scottie Pippen being selfish?
Was it not true that Scottie Pippen was on the documentary singing?
I held up my surgery because I didn't want to mess up my summer.
Damn them.
They underpaid me.
They wasn't treating me right.
I wasn't gonna help them.
I was going to enjoy my summer, and it caused him to miss 35 games into the next season.
And that next season was when he was talking about I would never play in the Chicago Bulls uniform again, even though he ultimately changed his mind.
Horace Grant, the Jordan rules, even though Jordan said that was Harvard's grant and harbors Grant, to his credit categorically and emphatically denied it.
I'm telling you, as people who were covering the league and I wasn't covering the league back then in 1990 91.
But all you heard from the reporters ask Mike Wilbon and others who were covering the sport, everybody was told it was Harvest Grant.
And last but not least, when we talk about the timing off the Jordan documentary, can we call it what it is?
It was supposed to debut in June, but then a Corona virus pandemic kicked in.
Games were suspended, the league's were suspended, there was no sports and it was moved up the in large part by ESPN.
Okay to April sports and damn it, we have.
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First Take on former Bulls player Craig Hodges taking issue with Michael Jordan & 'The Last Dance'

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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