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all right.
The Celtics not only lost the Pacers last night, but they lost Gordon Hayward as well.
They would have to leave the game after unintentionally getting hit in the nose.
By DOUG McDermott.
Celtics A Gordon Hayward.
It's probable to play tonight against the Sixers.
Scotty is Hayward's help being in and out of the lineup something nothing or everything.
I would say it's nothing.
He sees a guy that's been made with a bounce back and this Boston Celtics team.
They're they're they're built for the long haul.
They got enough guys over there toe feel a void when they miss a guy here in there.
And minutes is not a problem for them.
The Jack guys being it's up to.
So I see this being hey would bounce back, they're gonna be ready for the playoffs.
This is nothing.
But Tonight's game against the Sixers is a really important game.
It's almost everything because there's matchup with the Sixers.
The difference between the Celtics have a chance to get out of the East.
Not in my mind.
They have a bad loss last night Indiana, where they blow a late lead.
They gotta prove tonight they can handle.
Indeed, on opening night in Philly, they could not handle.
So let's see.
It's interesting because obviously, they lost the home opener to Philly.
You go down to O in the season, Siri's.
I mean, that could be huge.
It places a lot.
Mawr kind of weight on those later games on the schedule for them as they play, as they were all kind of jostling for position.
They're in the Eastern Conference.
All right, the Knicks.
Sorry, I need a second.
Knicks finally slap their 10 game losing streak, the next Taliban gold state in overtime.
Win by markets.
Season high.
36 points.
I can't believe I'm asking this Brian Knicks snapping their 10 game losing streak, something nothing are every.
Not only is this nothing.
I thought that the Warriors win this game.
I e.
I saw D'Angelo.
Russell hit the three Senate over time.
I went to bed on it.
When I got in today, they were like a shed something up.
Whenever the next one I go, the next one, I didn't even know that's how nothing it was for me.
Is this nothing?
I mean, you flip a corn and you kind of hope it don't come down, but you know it's gonna this'll my favorite part of the Knicks instagram account official account.
Call it a roller coaster ride, but a must win to get back on track with a little flecks.
Emoji hashtag New York forever, Which is a really terrible Ashfaque.
Can a four and 20 team ever have a must win game?
I would say yes, because players start to lose it mentally, and then they started to come up with all kind of excuses and faking injuries.
So you want to get him back on the winning streak and kind of get him back on the bandwagon.
I think the wind like especially on the road when teams were able to come together, it boosts their confidence.
And plus, you know, you celebrating the culture, birth winds, That's cool.
That's cool.
But from a lottery standpoint, this could end up being a loss.
Think about what?
The year they beat the Hawks on the last day and it ruined the to the Warriors, who could end up right?
Hey, guys, I got to tell you, as players, you're not thinking about that.
You just want I know I'm alright.
Some happiness in that locker room.
I just know where you can get it is what a win, Absolutely.
But I don't think it's a muscling because if you tell me the muscle, not if they had lost it.
What does that mean now?
The season's over.
I don't know.
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A 4-20 team ... with a 'must-win' game?! | The Jump

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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