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Sixers up one now under three minutes to play here in the first quarter, Like Scott on the floor for the first time in court, Mas unloads a three down.
It goes for the bad news for the Grizzlies.
Jaren Jackson Jr.
A valued member of their starting, ended his third personal foul.
That's big because he's batter into the battery with job.
He s work on court mas his 2nd 3 of the game to give him 10 off the bench in transition.
They got him with Josh Jackson and a deal with the Phoenix Suns.
Another three has come off the bench, firing his 3rd 3 You leaned his shoulder in or extended that arm, the official would have been justified calling it.
That was not the case.
Workman's another 3 16 including his 43 of the game.
But it just kind of shows you he's got a little old soul.
I'm gonna say he's got it going on.
I'm not that interesting to begin with, so they make me feel more interesting.
What time really appreciate it Done well within hailing distance of his career high set earlier this year 1994 95 a 24 win team that I believe, my good friend Allah Abdon Abby.
It's a time with slamming for two.
He is nine of 10 22 points.
Jones, again six is to Russia to get two for one 26 points for bottom line.
Got to play defense and get this W sorely needed for the six years trying to break a season high time, four game losing streak.
And who else but who has an opportunity now in a four point play, he already has the career high V tax on one more Allah.
Abdin Abby, six.
Credited after anchor inside.
Offensively, they had a productive second half.
Yes, yes, I just think the Sixers have acquired two more bench scorers and Glenn Robinson.
The third perks.
Another three Mario's.
And they stand here for 34 tonight.
A career high court big story tonight.
Offensively, certainly, for Con Mas smashing his previous career.
I buy 10 unloading for 34 points, a career high seven threes as well as the Sixers polish off the Memphis Grizzlies 1 19 107 Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Furkan Korkmaz excites 76ers teammates with 31-point night | 2019-2020 NBA Highlights

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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