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to make or Miss League make mess.
Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Woman Way Run that everyday type accent.
Hey, showing off his high flying ability to tell you I can't do that.
I wanted to do you can't my voice.
How about the passes he's been getting from these pelicans?
Well, Williams, Alec Alexander Williams.
Excuse me.
Tremendous pass with either hand, but Jackson Hayes, his hands JP Given told me he's got better hands on a market stall tomorrow.
That is an incredible on incredible compliment for Jackson.
It's like flypaper.
They're civilians.
A leftie past.
I point.
It was like this country.
Don't think, make healthy current Harlem Globetrotter Angelo Sharpless with the alley oop to himself during a game, though a problem game, but a game in Atlanta.
He's just trying to play defense.
That wasn't trying very well.
Is this the most disrespectful thing you could do to a defender?
I gotta think that James Harden crossover and then look at you before shooting his win with respect because he looks at that's pretty impressive.
It doesnt breath that he got the bounce just right now.
That's impressive, but disrespectful not if this is started.
When he licked, crossed over, dropped him and then licked his lips.
The shot that was the most disrespectful.
But this is pretty close.
This ankles.
I'm just gonna columns V.
That's what I want to call him.
Catches a body knocks down the tray.
I mean, did you know we had this in his game?
Hey, killed it last year in summer league, but he didn't do anything like that.
I remember back in the day with Marco Belinelli was breaking people.
So what a summer league name?
Hernia City.
Selby was making them dance out there.
Me induced these last name make way.
There we go.
Brian knows all make ad Libs.
Miles Bridges with the euro step.
This is awesome.
Boom, boom!
And the women.
Damn, That's illegal.
At what point?
I would just blow the whistle just because Come on, humans can't do that.
You think?
You think he decided to throw down the windmill, Brian?
I mean, he was like, Hey, I'm in Vegas.
It's July.
I'm gonna do Oh, yeah.
Nobody doubts His dude's got serious.
Did he have the Vince Carter moment?
I think I could try this right?
Just the sides, things Midway through it, I guess.
One man.
It was awesome.
So 1500 people there actually disappointing summer league alliance doesn't have their left.
But the championship this tonight, we'll talk about that in a minute.
Let's run it back, though, with the top three other place from summer league thus far.
Number three.
Your little with two handed Portland really did low and but good.
Challenging the shot here shot.
Nobody criticizes.
Rather never Today's that's not challenging.
The shot with vendors have made a decision way past.
Look at that terrific dunk.
The respectable defense.
Not expect.
Not respectable respect.
Number one.
I was standing in the corner, one on the lower left.
It was amazing Zion ripping the ball away and then throws it down.
That was the first earthquake of that that Waas later on.
Ways even better right there.
That was remarkable.
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Zion, Miles Bridges and more: 2019 NBA summer league had some ridiculous plays | The Jump

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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