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Brooklyn, to be exact tonight, a chance to cut down those nets.
It is your Charlotte Hornets looking for their second win in this many nights, taking on Sharon Allen and the Brooklyn Nets.
They are having breakout years, especially our guy, Mr Graham.
I love that floater down the lane can pull up from three fast about four and knock it down.
He's expected to play well on a nightly basis.
Because he hasn't in this game and he has the brutality.
Just a minute into Our game is down to three.
Devante has to fire on, keep on keeping on.
There's a good chance it's tonight.
He will have his 100 made a three pointer.
Offensive rebound by Bismarck.
Beyond hes already hit 13 He's now got hotter than a pepper spray right out of the chute.
Devante Graham, already a couple triple and these baskets Area's biggest manhole covers Bridges.
Had it knocked away.
Wanted a foul.
Never came Lord Grant backdoor cut their bounce pass by snakes inside scores.
A good play all year for the day that Horn said he left right grand.
23 pointers in the first half, 98 made threes on the year that is 16 footers now.
I got 15 points first to the third.
Strong rebound Miles Bridges ahead of the pack of a day.
Throws it up through.
Think he wanted to rip it down and you lost the handle of the way.
Three pointers to first to third.
Still plenty of time.
It's back on a big time.
Run DeAndre on this season.
15 to run with the ball.
Give it up.
The defense relaxes in K g to go.
That's saying something incredible.
Start to the year for the grand way one on the season in the Hornets Lead.
Get it right with 100 Devante three.
Is he coming now?
Temple switches Did a good job with in and out dribble.
Joe Harris is all in his grill.
It didn't touch anything but bottom of way offensively.
Get creating space to get his shots on.
You could've stopped at one of the best in the league.
Come to the Big Apple and take one from the Nets.
They have won back to back games and back to back nights, but it was Devante Graham down the stretch.
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Devonte' Graham goes off for 40 points and 7 3-pointers in Hornets vs. Nets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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