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We appreciate you joining us first, But to are the people down there as optimistic as area want is about the thought of the number three pick they actually are.
I've heard every single word in the last several minutes that you could imagine with them not getting the number one pick.
I've heard the word devastated, hurt, despondent, pissed, shocked, confused.
I've heard him all from all these fine folks that I'm in the bar with right now, but I will say that all of them immediately shift from that acute emotion that they had when they were announces the number three Pick two way Love.
John Moran.
We love R.
Barrett way are excited about one of those to coming to this city and being a superstar.
Every one of these fans says the New York Knicks need a superstar player, and they were.
They are going to get one.
I heard you guys talking that Ariel about R J.
Look, man, I covered a lot of Duke basketball things past season.
A lot of it, and I'm telling you, R.
Barrett scored 25 points, rolling out of bed in the morning and you don't even know it doesn't.
He's a smooth as ice.
It's unbelievable.
The difference is, is science talent is jaw dropping.
I've never covered any athlete.
May I did cover the Masters when Tiger was walking up 18 and that was quite a scene and everyone kind of knew they were in that moment, that historic moment.
Every single times I on Williams and touched the basketball at Duke University.
The there was this anticipatory air that everyone was waiting for the moment, and invariably the moment came and the lid blew off the joint.
That's Zion factor.
He's an unbelievable athlete, but R.
Barrett and John Moran are phenomenal basketball players.
If r.
Barrett comes to New York City, they love that do here now.
More important question.
Peter Rosenberg here.
What what part of town they put you?
What are you actually at in New York City?
We are at a bar called Slattery's Pub.
It's like two blocks three blocks from MSG.
OK, so these air diehards, man, these are hard tour unit fans here, and you're wringing out their fourth Street on a random Tuesday night and it's full.
It's packed It's unbelievable, man.
And again, the acute reaction was interesting.
When the calves were announced at five, this place was at a fever pitch.
Everybody knew Nixon get number one.
And then when they pull that card that the Knicks were three, that's shifted in a hurry.
And I did hear all of those amount I immediately took, took our camera crew and started asking everyone their emotions because this town is amazing with its passion for its teams.
And one of one of the folks with whom I spoke said, This is a basketball town.
We are a basketball town, and we need that person that they all look knocks.
Everybody loves knocks.
He's a great player, but they need that guy.
And they all felt like this was a year and that Zion was that guy.
So now they're shifting.
Not only that, either.
Phyllis, it was interesting.
Some of the folks I talked to there already lobbying Kevin Durant.
They're saying, Katie, let me tell you why New York is your spot.
They're all already check in July 1st on their calendars, which, of course, is in NBA free agency.
It's an interesting time, Marty.
It as a proud Canadian.
I want you to tell the rest of the people over there at that bar that it's gonna be OK.
Alright, let them know.
I've been watching R.
I remember his dad, Rohan Barrett, playing through the Canadian national team.
This man is going to bring basketball back to New York City.
So tell those people that area want, He said.
It's gonna be OK.
I share their emotion.
I share their misery.
But this is the guy who was destined to be in New York.
I feel it.
I'm excited.
I am optimistic.
He's the first piece Cady comes around July 2nd 3rd or fourth, then Kyra, it's gonna be OK.
My man.
Let those people know it's gonna be OK.
Marty, yell it out to everyone that Ariel says Help save.
I need you guys to know something.
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How Knicks fans reacted to getting the No. 3 pick (and maybe RJ Barrett or Ja Morant) | Hoop Streams

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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