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trying to exploit that matchup with brain in England guard.
You'll see a lot of quick threes citing basketball.
And as you said, it's all about pace getting up and down the court for the Grizzlies.
Their assist carries another three.
Welcome back.
Drew Holiday.
He has been down with an elbow injury down there.
Low block holiday posts up Holiday.
Deceptive Bounce figures to be a high scoring game.
Memphis favored by 2.5 of this one on I'm walking up to the museum and I hadn't seen Koran in almost a year and forgot that was a powerful moment when you're on that balcony where Dr King shot, but definitely very worthy man.
Just talking.
Every day is a holiday.
Gets another three represent.
Justice is huge, but I served on the board for the various way address Mass incarceration facility and Racine, Wisconsin.
These teams look like teams with great booth future, and it won't come this year.
He's playing a different position.
He's at the four position right now.
When Zion comes back, be interesting to see what happens when a player traditional position, but you're right.
He has drived in there.
Three holidays hit four threes.
That's got off the bench.
These pills.
Crowder for free.
This cannot hurt.
64 48 tryingto ran out of air time.
Ingram saves it.
Get it right.
He's got a three and an angle.
He's playing like an All Star steal from Holiday on the breakaway holiday with the layup.
Pelicans are rolling here on MLK Day in Memphis.
He's a great player, but you just get a greater appreciation when you watch these players playing first.
How he's been this year, the improvement from last year to this year.
He has that Sometimes as a young team, you you start to believe your own press clippings is Holiday.
Stays hot from three.
He ties his career high of three point makes six made three.
Up to this point, comes back another three point opportunity here, and he gets to the free throw line together.
They're still in the picture.
We know what teams can get hot, get on a roll.
Making the playoffs would be pretty amazing, considering all that they've endured as a franchise this season.
Missed one shot.
I was 10 or 11 26 points and eight assists.
Holiday for another one than that ties a franchise record for the Pelicans.
Their 19 3 great pass holiday needs continues.
Stay 36 points.
He made seven threes, most three pointers he's had in a game of his career.
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Jrue Holiday hits a career-high 7 3-pointers for Pelicans vs. Grizzlies | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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