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in the n B A.
Guys announced over the weekend the finalists for the awards.
They do the top three in each of the six major categories that a single warrior, Scotty, was among them.
I'm not sure if it's surprising at this point.
It's the second year in a row, but what does that tell you?
They're not playing for those individual accolades.
They're playing for that big Kohona T.
I mean, Rachel, Just in your opinion, Which awards do you think they should have been?
I don't have a full find full.
It's surprising in a footnote in history.
Great, but the Warriors weren't great.
Regular season speaks to one of my overall ideas about that.
We need a little bit of awards reform.
I never heard you never talk about it again.
The only major sport in America that hasn't updated its awards in his long They were there, the last ones to have updated their major awards.
And and I think one of the issues we have with these end of season awards is there's nothing that tells you who's the best player in the game right now.
There's nothing that tells you who the best group of players air that in the game because all MBA is decided by position, so you're not necessarily getting the top 15 players, even though it is largely a position this game Now.
I still think this is highlighting that we have something missing here.
We are not identifying for the record books for history.
When people look back 30 years from now, who are the best guys?
And yes, they will see Warriors, Warriors, Warriors the way.
For a decade.
We saw Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtics when we look back in the record books.
But those individuals should get some record in history, especially how important the playoffs are.
Like Draymond, Green was not the defensive player of the year or in the top three during the regular season, but he would be the defensive player of the playoffs.
There's no way to recognize that which is just the reality is not and I have done with Draymond the other night after the game and the one could buy, he said.
No way I was asking him.
We were talking about the awards thing and he feels like that.
The players don't have enough time to get that recognition because everything is based on the finals and who won the championship in the guy that's the rookie of the year defensive player of the year.
They really don't have a chance to really embrace that, because the season is over and they do it now.
All in one lump at the end used to be announced kind of through the playoffs.
Everyone kind of have.
Their moment would have their moment, that sort of thing.
He was speaking on his defensive player that he didn't really get a chance to reflect what he wanted.
Teoh that stuff.
No, I mean, look, I think again it's something to look at the way that we do all the stuff.
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Rachel Nichols sounds the alarm for NBA awards reform | The Jump

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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