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the Warriors just updated Kevin Durant's health, saying it is unlikely that he will play at the beginning of the 2019 finals.
Byron, what is your reaction to this?
I'm not worried about that.
You know what I think?
Going to say to say, You know what?
We're gonna be very cautious with this right now.
We've won six games in a row.
It out, Katie.
Let's see if we can win Game one and on the road road.
If not, we still got the luxury of having him back for Game two.
Hopefully, I mean, look, the Warriors obviously proved by sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers that they can play very well without Kevin Durant.
It Let's Steph Curry, Draymond green.
Clay Thompson kind of re expand their games back to what they had sacrificed to bring k d N.
But the Portland Trail Blazers are not necessarily the Milwaukee Bucks or the Toronto Raptors, and you've got to think the level of competition in an N B A finals by definition is higher up.
You're not worried at all that, especially because the warriors open on the road.
Not having Katie won't hurt them.
I'm not worried because it's just one game.
Hopefully, I think again, If this Siri's is gonna be a six or seven game Siri's, then you're gonna need Katie.
I don't think the Golden State Warriors can beat the Milwaukee Bucks.
If Kevin Durant doesn't play for Golden State.
I think Milwaukee Buck are deep.
They got great role players.
They played extremely.
They did not have the best record in the league for nothing, you know?
So this team is prime and they're hungry.
I know.
Go status hungry.
They want to win another championship.
Five straight championship finals appearances.
I know they want to win another one, but this Milwaukee team is hungry, and I think you need K d in that lineup in order.
Win this series.
So we'll have to see where he comes back.
Of course, Milwaukee has to make it to the final way, and we need to expand our said here.
You and I are a little lonely here, right?
Little Italy.
Today we bring in our third friend.
It appears I love that you're here.
So what do you think about this News that Kevin Durant won't be back for the very start of the finals.
I think he needs to get here, but I think the war years, a well oiled machine.
They're playing at a high level right now on the way that Draymond and and stuff for playing on phenomenal.
But I think Clay don't get enough credit to me.
He's been the best.
He's been the best to go at this postseason, you know, most consistent.
Should I say in?
I think you know they have a chance of winning the Finals with Katie.
But do they need Katie years there?
Not a better team without kids, That's not, you know, not get it twisted way with Kevin Durant, Absolutely.
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Kevin Durant 'unlikely' to play at the beginning of the 2019 NBA Finals | The Jump

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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