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All right, welcome back to the joke.
The Magic also held their media day on Monday.
Mark Health Faults was asked about missing almost a full year basketball because he'd also missed.
We know how it's been.
Take a listen if you ask anybody what something they love the most, and I somewhat college field would be taken away from you.
Um, it's tough.
I just wanted to go out there.
If I had no arms, I would still want to play basketball.
It's just something about having something that you love being taken away from.
He does.
That's different.
So now I got it back.
I don't take anything for granted.
I'm just I'm glad to be out there.
Martel said that he hopes to play Saturday in Orlando's first preseason game and Scotty GM there said.
He's got no restrictions.
He's going to be part of the team this year.
What do you think it's gonna be like for him now that he physically feels he can come back to know that every time he shoots the ball there's gonna be 18 people looking to him being like, How is this form?
Did it go in all that stuff.
Well, I I think it's gonna be a difficult challenge for being in this league.
You have to be able shoot the basketball or you have to be able to score the basketball so he have to figure that out, and we haven't seen them really master or show signs of being good at either one.
It's gonna be tough.
There's a lot of pressure you can practice on your shots all summer in the G M twice, three times a day.
It doesn't matter.
There's no one in the stands and you feel the stands up in the clock in the score.
All that matters.
It puts a little more added pressure on you, and I think it's gonna be difficult for him to think he's just gonna flip a switch and be the player that he was in college.
He sees he's gonna have a pretty good journey, but I like his attitude and I definitely think that he can get there.
But I think he needs to take a page kind about a run.
Those book Rondo's a player that came in this league, couldn't shoot the basketball play with some superstars who could really score the basketball, and he was able to find his niche and find his expertise in in the game around those players.
And I think he's gonna be a player very similar.
So what Rundle has brought to our game.
So I think the fact that he's even talking about this is a big step forward, because when he was in Philadelphia, like he was almost off limits, like you couldn't even ask him questions about what was going on with a shot at words.
Health was, When was he coming back?
He owned that and he was in front of the cameras and stand there.
I stood there like a man talking about this, and that tells you something when you're dealing with one.
He had an injury, the thoracic outlet syndrome, and but then, too, there was obviously some psychological issues going on with the shot.
There was there was a confidence issue.
Just watching those replays is painful.
So for him to even be able to acknowledge that I think is a step forward, I'm rooting for him cause I hate seeing that in any sport.
I do think I mean, I think that's the bottom line.
I think everyone in the league wants to see this cakes up seed a comeback story.
Everyone loves that.
He's a number one overall pick.
Let's see him go out and try to do it this year.
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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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