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All right, let's move on.
Last up, Lloyd Pierce didn't love his team's effort last night in a blowout loss at home to the Grizzlies.
Here's Pierce.
After the game.
Take a listen.
I got nothing for you guys.
You can ask away.
I got nothing for you.
I don't know what to teach.
You can't teach effort.
You can talk about it.
Um, you know, effort is effort.
All right, then.
B s a real talk out.
Real talk.
Real talk?
Only is that a broken man in a broken team That is a broken media corps.
Do you see how they respected the complete lack of questions?
The guy got up there and they just stared at him.
Oh, that stuff in the Hawks are terrible.
He started the game old for 11 and they got blown out by 40 points.
The horse did like that to me.
I think he's right.
You can't.
What do you suppose to do about that?
If you're the coach, it's the N B A.
You know, the guys connecting with guys half that.
You should.
We saw what happened to the line and, you know, in Cleveland, and if he doesn't feel that he's connected with them.
What is he going to say?
That was a remarkable piece of tape on a lot of levels.
Yeah, I feel bad for him because, like the Hawks to me are one of the most disappointing teams.
The MEA This year, they were poised to make that jump.
They were like everybody's like sleeper pick to sneak into the playoffs this year, and it has not happened.
And I think Lloyd feels terrible about it.
You know, I think he had done a really nice job with them before this, Um, and it's inexplicable how bad they've been this year.
I know they went out and made a trade just to try to even get better.
Capella is not there, right, but he's injured, but they're not trying to lose right like they're not trying to take.
They made moves over the course of the last two years where if they wanted to tank, they tanked.
But they believe in creating a winning culture and trying to do in trying to continue developing, and they have not done that.
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Has a coach ever looked as broken as Lloyd Pierce of the Hawks? | The Jump

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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