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Let's get back to and his cantor.
He and Gordon Hayward reunited in Boston this season after playing together for three years in Utah, and on Tuesday they worked out together, and Canter left the gym with lofty expectations for Hayward.
This is what he told NBC Sports Boston quote.
I just actually played against him and he looked amazing, very good shape, a lot of confidence, and he is comfortable out here.
I know the guy.
I know how hard he worked, how much he is willing to learn, and he makes his teammates better.
I'm very excited about him.
He should definitely be eyeing the All Star Game.
Scottie Hayward did make the All Star team back in 16 4017 season, do you think?
Especially in the East, he will make his way back there this season?
I think you can.
I think last year was a real filled out season form and that was a full season form.
But I think he'll come back this season with more more confidence and really be back to who he really waas.
I think we look back at Paul.
George kind of suffered the same kind of injury took a little while for those players to get that confidence back.
So you know what kind of re going out Horford going?
I think he's next in line, you know, he got Jaylen Brown and also take him there, But I think he's next in line in terms of who could be the next All Star for the Celtics.
First shot Teoh Chris Fours work into the interview with him on Penis is being a great teammate.
That's a great way to, you know, engender yourself to the new locker room and really give a guy show support.
But I think you look the pecking order.
Camba is number one, Tatum's number two, Brown or Hayward's probably number three.
And so I don't think you get enough touches to put up the numbers to be an All Star.
But what we saw from the last month of regular season last year was really encouraging.
And maybe you can start to make up for the contract that the Celtics gave him that.
Obviously, ever since that horrific injury in Cleveland has been, you know under question whether it's going to be ah worthy deal, I had to say to your point about him being a true leader.
If you would like to feel better about yourself, have and his cancer be on your team because we've seen this now, everywhere he goes, right.
He went to New York and it was the best place in the world until they got rid of him.
And then he went to Portland and it was the best place in the world until right and then Now he's in Boston and everyone's amazing, that sort of thing.
But I like that right.
If you're a teammate, he's a great teammate and he brings the energy when he shows up.
So who are these with switchers?
There you go.
Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Gordon Hayward will be an All-Star contender, according to Enes Kanter | The Jump

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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