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Adrian Marginality wouldn't get the breaking news banner.
Maybe a sad producer.
Danny, Age of Marginal Ski and Zach loves.
There we go serving numerous league owners, officials, GM and agents who are in New York ahead of tomorrow's Board of Governors vote, and they found a mix of skepticism and privacy concerns over the league's beefed up and type tampering proposals.
Now we've been outlining those proposals on this show for the past couple days.
They include a random audit of five teams a year, all their communications etcetera woes in lower reporting.
Some teams believe that the league is rushing the process of changing the rules, and as a reminder, 23 of the 30 teams must vote in favour the proposals to pass them tomorrow.
The guys noted in the article that the MP rarely brings things to a vote, that they don't think you're gonna pass.
But that this one, there's conversation that it might not.
What do you guys think about how this will play out?
Do you think this is change your mind to hear this, that guys people are doubtful?
No, because I don't think that the owners, even if they're outraged by maybe how one summer went for them.
Ultimately don't want that scrutiny on them.
So when they actually have the conversation, what the world would look like if they were enact the tampering rules that they have been discussing you back off a little bit When you look like we talked about the NFL on Deflate Gate and they're trying to get Tom Brady cell phone and the trainers, you know the equipment matters.
It's like it just becomes too much of a show.
It becomes too much of your, like auditing people's communications, and it's like you might be looking for something to find something else waiting.
Ramona Shelburne staying with Donald Sterling.
So there's a lot of stuff that goes on that if you're just talking about tampering, there's other things that can be found.
So I think this is a little excessive, and it's a little too soon for me and I talked about this at the beginning of the week.
It's excessive, and I don't think it's going to fix the problem because you cannot.
You can say I've looked at your phone records and you call someone so the phone record doesn't say what you talked about.
It doesn't say the conversation in the hallway outside the locker room or overlying demonologist means that teams are gonna be like, Hey, don't me anymore, I think.
Don't you know?
So I I am not surprised to hear that there's some reservations here.
Hey, this just in at the buzzer.
Here's the first look.
It kept Durant in his number seven Brooklyn Nets jersey.
Richard Katie has Achilles surgery just three months ago.
Do you think there's any chance we see in this season?
Yes, I think there is a chance.
I think there is a chance.
But again, everything needs to go perfect, right?
You know, I don't know.
I haven't spoke to him, but a guy who got injured for coming back todo with the Nets.
I said everything.
Everything has to go perfect.
He could.
I said, There's a chance.
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A whole lot of people are skeptical of the NBA's proposed tampering rules - Woj & Lowe | The Jump

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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