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Wiz: Ichigo Kurosaki seemed like a pretty normal kid growing up well except for one little oddity.
He could see ghosts.
Boomstick: Hey he's like that kid from the Sixth Sense.
Cole Sear: I see dead people.
Wiz: Oh right...
Boomstick is back.
Boomstick: Godamn right!
When Ichigo was just nine years old.
He developed the ability to see dead people.
Wiz: And while taking a leisurely walk with his mother Ichigo noticed what he thought was a woman about to fall into a river.
Boomstick: So he ran over to rescue her like the brave little kitty was.
Wiz: Except it wasn't really a woman at all.
It was a Hollow a monster born from an abandoned human soul.
And it promptly killed his mother.
Boomstick: Bummer.
Reminds me of how I lost mine poor Mama Boomstick.
She always hated that ghost in the barn.
Wiz: Ah right.
Well Ichigo couldn't exactly do anything about these hollows until year's later when he met a woman named Rukia.
Boomstick: Who was also dead.
Kind of.
Wiz: Rukia was a Shinigami or Soul Reaper a guardian of the dead who helps those who have passed move on to the afterlife.
Also they battle Hollows.
Boomstick: With awesome swords.
Like samurai Ghostbusters.
Long story short the two of 'em got into a bind and Rukia had to share some of her power with Ichigo turns out he was a surprise Soul Reaper all along.
Wiz: When accessing his Shinigami power Ichigo leaves his physical body for a new one made up of Reishi a form of spiritual energy.
Which is invisible to but still president the living world.
Boomstick: And his new powers make him super deadly.
He could move with blinding speed, cut through mountains and even fly through the air.
Wiz: It's almost more accurate to say he walks through the air by using naturally occurring Reishi as footholds.
Boomstick: And then there's his badass sword.
Wiz: You mean swords.
Boomstick: Spoilers Wiz.
Save it for the full episode next week where Ichigo takes on his anime rival: Naruto.
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Ichigo is Spirited into DEATH BATTLE

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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