B2 High-Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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Wiz: In feudal Japan a samurai wasn't your typical bodyguard, he was trained in the art of war and would only serve the elite upper-class honor was the samurai's currency.
Boomstick: But for the Silver Samurai; Kenuichio Harada currency was just...
Regular money.
'Cause that shit's useful.
Wiz: Born into the Yashida clan, Harada was the son of a powerful, yakuza crime lord.
Unfortunately he could never inherit his father's empire for himself because he was born illegitimately.
A bastard.
Boomstick: Wow wait don't need to throw insults around Wiz.
Wiz: No the literall definition of Ba--
Move on.
Boomstick: Wiz' judgement aside without a clear future Harada decided to..
Become a samurai because why not?
They're pretty cool right?
Wiz: Unfortunately The Way of the Samurai no longer had a place in the present.
Harada knew that in a world full of absurd superpowers he would need to dedicate his life to the art in a way never seen before.
Boomstick: He wouldn't just be a samurai.
He'd be...
A Silver Samurai.
Wiz: Yep.
Boomstick: Well blinged out like exhibits rims he picked up on a few fighting styles.
Not too many.
Just Bajutsu the art of horseback.
Bujutsu, military strategy.
Iaijutsu, the sword faced quick draw.
Tantojutsu, knife fightin'.
Ninjutsu, bein' sneaky.
Kyujutsu, which is archery.
And well Jujutsu and Karate Do.
Which are both forms of unarmed combat.
How many war jutsus do you think he can fit in his brain?
I didn't even know they were that many.
Wiz: At least 1 more.
The art of japanese swordfighting.
After all what's a samurai without a katana at his side.
Boomstick: Dead that's what.
In order to keep livin' he had to get really good with swingin' that sword.
Wiz: Luckily for Harada he soon learned he had one of those absurd superpowers for himself.
Boomstick: Yep.
He's a mutant.
Wiz: Now who's being insensitive?
Harada has the ability to gener ate a tachyon field, with it he can enhance his sword allowing it to slice through almost anything.
Boomstick: Even GHOSTS!
Wiz: In real life tachyonic fields are hypothetical particles with mass which travel faster than light.
A definition which may explain how Harada's cutting ability works.
Boomstick: Techyon that sounds familiar?
Wiz: It should.
Remember you were playing around with my tachyon table saw?
Boomstick: Ho ho yeah that's right.
That's how I cut off your arm.
Wiz: Mmhm I would be mad but robot arms are superior to real arms.
Boomstick: You're welcome again.
Wiz: Thank you.
Come back next week for the full DEATH BATTLE as Silver Samurai takes on the Shredder.
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The Silver Samurai Slashes into DEATH BATTLE!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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