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  • before he became the man without fear.

  • Matthew Murdock was the son of a professional boxer named Battling Jack.

  • Sounds like a bad s.

  • But Check actually bunks because it was the only thing he was good at.

  • And he needed money to get his kids through school so that little man would have a better life than he did.

  • What a good dad is.

  • Pungent Babel vers gid met, still trained in secret with his father's exercise equipment, molding himself into a powerful fighter and an expert acrobats.

  • This new athletic ability would come in handy when he witnessed a blind man walking right in front of a speeding truck.

  • Feeling especially heroic that day, Matt dove in to push the guy to safety, but the truck crashed, sending some weird answered stuff flying all over man's face.

  • From that day forward, Matt was permanently blind kids.

  • Still, Matt did not give up on the dream his father wanted.

  • He earned his degree with flying colors and founded a law firm with his friend Foggy Nelson.

  • Things were actually looking up for him well, except for when his dad was killed by a mobster for ruining a rigged boxing men's because you can't be a superhero unless you have lost your parents.

  • Matt was distraught.

  • His world had come crashing down around him and he couldn't even see it happen.

  • But he could hear it.

  • Smell it, feel it.

  • Yeah, because turns out that radioactive goop didn't just blind men.

  • It gave him superpowers.

  • So he dressed up like the devil himself and literally scared the mobster to death.

  • And so daredevil was born.

  • Many blind people, particularly those born with experience, a rewriting of the brain, tightened their other senses somewhat, making up for their lack of sight.

  • Something similar happened to Daredevil except, like 100 times greater.

  • His touch became so sensitive he can tell when a person is close to him simply from the disturbance in the air.

  • His ears can pick up the faintest of sounds from the slightest movement of an enemy to the rising heartbeat of someone is lying.

  • His taste can detect each separate ingredient in any recipe, including poisons and his nose on track you down like a bloodhound who needs eyes when you can sense everything around you to this policy detail.

  • But he couldn't use his blind powers as well as he does without the training.

  • Under a super secret warrior named Stick.

  • No Relation With Sticks help, Matt mastered several fighting styles, including inju to Krav Maga and kung food, and get this stick head.

  • Basically the same blind powers is daredevil whoa!

  • Silk shoes.

  • Thanks to him, Matt learned how to hone his senses to know and maneuver through his surroundings even better than those with working eyes.

  • He also learned how to tap into something called in Adam induced radar sense.

  • Like the thing that bands doing, they bounce sound around you see in the dark or whatever sort of that sonar or echolocation and he can use it to.

  • But thanks to his radioactive origins, Daredevil can actually emit electromagnetic energy waves from his body, which bounce off objects in his vicinity, painting a picture of his surroundings in his head.

  • This means he doesn't need sound to find and take down opponents, so he's got a ton of ways to make up for his eye problems.

  • But he's also got some awesome gear to help him take out the bad guys like his devil suit.

  • That's bulletproof Chuck, proof flameproof and a perfect backup plan whenever he forgets the breath for a Halloween party.

  • Oh, speaking of which was this year, I'm dressing up in something so lame that it's terrifying.

  • Oh, what's that you owe?

  • Wait.

  • Is that why some of my lab coats were missing?

  • Uh, no.

  • Hey, come back next week and check out the full episode of Nightwing, Bert's Daredevil.

before he became the man without fear.

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