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  • Wiz: For untold generations the Lin-Kuei assasins waged war with the rival splinter group: the Shirai Ryu.

  • Desperate to claim victory in the bloody conflict; the Lin-Kuei resorted to drastic means of recruitment for able-bodied soldiers.

  • No matter what age they were or in simpler terms: they kidnap children.

  • Boomstick: Well at least they got to be ninjas; I bet they're tiny little bodies would even stealthier.

  • Wiz: Turns out two of these kids just so happened to be descendants from a race of extra dimensional beings experienced in the art of ice magic.

  • Their names were: Bi-Han and Kuai Liang.

  • Boomstick: With the Lin Kuei's trainin' these brothers became cold-blooded assassins and the finest warriors in the clan.

  • Wiz: And whether it started as a joke or he just thought it was badass. Bi-Han adopted a brand new name: Sub-Zero.

  • Boomstick: Sounds like an online user name from your teenage years and you regret forever when you're older.

  • Wiz: Sub-Zero was so fierce and driven he became directly responsible for the complete annihilation of the rival Shirai Ryu clan.

  • Boomstick: Unfortunately for him one of them called Scorpion survived.

  • Kind of and decided to kill him right back, which obviously pissed off Kuai Liang who decided to do the same to Scorpion.

  • God it's like a high school drama but with murder.

  • Wiz: Striving to honor his fallen brother Kuai Liang assumed Bi-Han's mantle as the champion of the Lin-Kuei; Sub-Zero was reborn.

  • This new Sub-Zero is a master of Shotokan karate and Dragon kung-fu and enchances his martial arts with his deadly cryomantic abilities.

  • Boomstick: Suby can freeze the moisture in the air to do... well tons of stuff.

  • He can make his own personal slip and slide; perfect for surprise attacks, he can form all sorts of weapons out of thin air like daggers, swords or even ice hammers.

  • But best of all a dude can make ice so cold it instantly freezes anybody who touches it.

  • This guy would never have to worry about a warm beer.

  • Wiz: This can be achieved through Sub-Zero's Ice Blast Projectile or the Ice Clone technique; both of which completely immobilizes opponent for devastating follow-up attacks.

  • Boomstick: Did he just make a perfect sculpture of himself?

  • Where does he go into the ice sculptin' business?

  • Dude would just make a killin' well you know not the literal kind he's got that down already.

  • Wiz: Sub-Zero can also implement his cryomancian and ninja talents and what appears to be instant teleportation and an unexpected ability which baffles even his fellow assassins.

  • Boomstick: Yeah but I bet that still not as unexpected as turnin' into freakin' a polar bear.

  • Oh that reminds me. I gotta go I'll be back for Glacius next week; my neighbor's out and I'm supposedly watchin' his pet polar bear and I think I'd definitely left him outside.

Wiz: For untold generations the Lin-Kuei assasins waged war with the rival splinter group: the Shirai Ryu.

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