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  • I mean, they're obviously in their post.

  • Kevin Durant World strategy.

  • Ramona also told us during the break that she's expecting meanings that players like Bobby Portis.

  • What do you think, Coach, As we go into this with the Knicks?

  • These, This is what they have now as they go forward, you go go out and be a hard plan.

  • Bunch of guys fizzes that way.

  • He's going to get him to play hard.

  • I think that's what everybody and Madison Square Garden wants.

  • I don't worry about the name on the back of the jersey.

  • Let's go out there and let's compete.

  • Let's be hard nose and give people some problems.

  • We talked about on the predraft show that if they don't land Durant, there's not a rush to go out and spend the 70 million any which way.

  • And so Randall is a productive player, right?

  • You know the number is a little high, but you've got a ton of cash space of flexibility, just as long as they don't go crazy and start giving out long term deals just to anybody who's got a pulse.

  • But in terms of a guy would come in, rebound the ball finish with a high percentage, and that could do a little stuff off the off the dribble, push the ball up the floor.

  • He's a nice addition for I'm happy for him because he dealt with the turmoil of the Lakers a couple years ago, trying to clear the cap space to get LeBron.

  • Then he dealt with in New Orleans trying to trade for Anthony Davis should be nice and quiet for him.

  • Things ever happening there, your urine?

  • A nice payday.

  • But the thing is, if your Knicks fan you think back the summer of 2010 we want to get LeBron.

  • We've got tomorrow Star tomorrow.

  • Yeah, and this summer and Julius Randle has proven himself not to have health concerns that Mari did.

  • But you had all this excitement, and he may be kind of getting the target of that, even though it's nothing against him and just you know, he's available.

  • He's the guy was available.

  • We talked about them.

  • Maybe on that predraft show, maybe trying to shore up just a short term one year deals.

  • This is not that, of course.

  • Now it's not all the money that they had there, but when you look at the next for agent class coming again?

  • Anthony Davis could be in that class, but the Lakers certainly expect him to resign with them.

  • Draymond Green.

  • Probably the biggest name possibly available, though You just heard, proponents say, and Nick say that that perhaps the words would be interested in working out that extension with him.

  • So I don't know who is coming for the next.

  • Really compared to who?

  • Their fan base.

  • Expectation.

  • Yeah, and there's an argument to be made that it's not next summer.

  • It's two summers from now, which is a long time as people wait.

  • But then again, they've been waiting this long anyway.

  • In New York, it's not like they were really good a couple of years ago.

  • So in all of our air, don't worry.

  • Long suffering Knicks fans you've got You've got a friend in the control room and we might have a friend for you in the next segment to coach you mentioned Coach Fizdale and sort of what he has to deal with in all of this.

  • He also had the expectation.

  • Hey, I might be getting these guys, the owner went on the radio and said big for agents Want to come here?

  • They've traded away Christa for singles.

  • Who, When he was hired, his expectation was I'm gonna get to coach him.

  • What does the coach do now?

  • You say?

  • Oh, G, it's not the name on the back of the jersey.

  • How do you rally this team?

  • You got, You got a pivot.

  • I mean, he's a very good communicator.

  • And so you might have thought you're gonna play one way.

  • And that's just the way that the league is now.

  • With the shorter contracts, you're not gonna be entrenched.

  • We were in Memphis there for eight years.

  • We played the same style.

  • 89 years of shorter contracts.

  • You're gonna have to be able to pivot from year to year and get all you can out of your player.

  • I think that's a good sign.

  • The irony is, if we just remove all the context the Knicks actually have something to be excited about, Right, Dennis Mid Junior, You got Mitchell Robinson.

  • You got Kevin Knox.

  • They're young players were finding their way, but they look like they have a lot of potential.

  • And Julius Randle fits with that age group.

  • The problem is You've been selling the world on massive names.

  • And New York is not a forgiving town.

  • When it comes to things you promise versus things that we got.

  • Yeah, well, I mean, you say forgiving town.

  • We have Stephen a Smith that I'm waiting to hear.

  • Are we able to get him?

  • All right, So we're gonna have him in just a few minutes for one last thing.

  • Think about this is not just a lost Kevin Durant and Kyrie.

  • They lost it to the team that's 20 minutes away.

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I mean, they're obviously in their post.

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