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  • the current state of the franchised.

  • Not as rosy, which is why ownership has finally brought in new management in the form of former Nuggets GM Arturas Karnishovas Is head coach Jim Boylan the next to go?

  • Boylan put out a statement in support of Karnishovas yesterday, but he has not yet received public confirmation of his job security.

  • The Bulls have a core of talented young players you can see here, so J well, this is an organization you're quite familiar with.

  • Do you think Jim Boylan is still a good fit for this team?

  • It's always hard for me, rich.

  • I never want to call for another person's job at all, but I think some of the numbers can speak for themselves to 1 23 against teams 500 better.

  • Their longest winning streak this year was to in the biggest concern.

  • Rachel.

  • That's on Perk.

  • I would love to hear you break this down to is that whenever a head coach and the team's best player don't seem like they're on the same page, obviously I played for the Bulls.

  • I watch about their games.

  • I can't tell you how many times I saw hands waving him off facial expressions towards him, reading articles about the workouts being too archaic players that feeling like it's as contemporary is it needs to be in order.

  • Help them think about the long term picture.

  • I don't know exactly.

  • Veena Jim Boylan are on the same page, and this team has committed to Zach, Lavine and Laurie marketing that might speak for itself as it relates to the relationship and the tenure of Jim Boylan.

  • Yeah, Jay, listen, I'm with you, man.

  • I'm with you 100%.

  • It's time for boiling to go.

  • It's time to get him out of there when you look at him.

  • He came in.

  • I was never family hears from the jump the way that he approached his whole job situation with the Bulls in the locker room.

  • He came in with a penitentiary mindset.

  • This is a player's Lee.

  • You need guys.

  • You need coaches in there.

  • They could relate to the players.

  • You know, when I look at Jim Boylan, he's not the right fit.

  • Not too many.

  • His players have good things to say a bottle and none of the bull fans have good, good things to sail bottom so to me, I think they need to look at what how the cat would happen with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • When they got rid of their head coach and Bickerstaff took over.

  • It was like a breath of new air, and Cleveland started winning ball games.

  • You start feeling the camaraderie, the culture.

  • I mean, just think about it.

  • Jim Boylan.

  • He was trying to prove a point the whole season by bringing in the rookie Kobe way off the bench.

  • What?

  • God knows, we knew this kid should have been a starter and that he should have been handed over the keys.

  • So it's a lot of candidates out there.

  • Tired Blue Damon.

  • Start of my sound Kinsale Baby fears there that I think will be great for that organization.

  • Well, a Jordanovski reported this morning that they're interviewing general manager candidates with the Bulls right now.

  • I'm sure once that position is sewed up, they will turn their attention to the coach.

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the current state of the franchised.

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