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67 floor.
Best Totally different defense.
43 Neil has a task tonight.
Defensively comes over two doubles to solve such a smart player reads it and finds the open seen eight point with a big fella Sleep fries The baseline shut down by Conley over six.
Turns it over for the second time here in the quarter.
Just get in isolation on download dribbles.
He's gonna score.
He is too good Now.
Another comes.
Lucy Got it.
Joey checked in along with three.
Those lamps going early on.
You know the three point shot it smooth.
700 over multiple time doing what they want.
Their defense is dictating.
Game, right?
There's pressure.
Turnover has six turnovers now.
Got it?
Swim ring back on.
Davis went for the smooth, so it is really, really good on that low post.
Just haven't gotten ribbon Jazz right now looks like running quicksand.
A blistering 74 point half, Just three quick clock.
It's by Donovan drives inside, which is dropped so Mitchell rising shoots and throws up on air ball with the rebound, chipping away here in the 1st 3 minutes, I would have to come back inside Jefferson muscle it up straightaway.
Just his first shot of the quarter jump.
I should have used Power, Dr Way and he certainly has never had a lot of guy.
I'm certainly not one.
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Pascal Siakam shows out for Raptors with 35 points vs. Jazz | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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