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first question right here on the left.
Marcus fragile Mike Bond with Rolling Stone.
Her to come back.
And you have, ah, big game breakout game like you had to know.
Just how good do you feel right now?
You know, I leaned on my teammates throughout this moment with throughout this whole process.
And no, this was an incredible moment for me.
But, you know, I'm not satisfied.
Looking forward to Game three stuff.
What did you make of to Marcus Knight?
You special.
Obviously, he's get more comfortable, more minutes and, you know, playing aggressive when when he's out there, puts a lot of pressure on the defense and and even on our defensive end, making his presence felt blocking shots, being in the right place and right time.
And, uh, it's a big, big left force.
I know he's been waiting a long time to be on the stage and and obviously was injuries.
He's he's taking the challenge of uncertain himself.
And, uh, making that transition smooth has been fun.
Fun to watch.
Morricone Tim standing in back left athletic.
Marcus, what was your reaction when you got word that you would be starting and what were the days or hours, like leading up to knowing you're gonna get to start.
Just like cool.
I told Steve coming in.
It is.
I mean, whatever he needed from me, I was I was okay with it.
If it's coming off the bench of the starting, if it's playing, you know, eight minutes 40.
I'm cool with or whatever.
So, no, I just I'm gonna come in and help the team or whatever is needed.
When I step on the floor on, believe it out there again.
Let back left.
Logan Murdoch, NBC Sports Bay Area.
The market she went through to know catastrophic injuries, particularly with the clot.
Most recently, what is it in your DNA That wouldn't let you?
I wouldn't let you miss this season.
Ah, I mean, what?
I want to be on this stage.
This is this is what I've worked for my entire career.
To be on this stage to have this opportunity, you know, to play for something.
But, you know, once they told me I had a chance.
A slight chance, you know, being able to return It basically was up to me and the work in the the time I put in behind the injury.
It was it was up to me.
So, you know, I put the work in the time in and with God's grace, I'm able to be out here and play the game that I love.
So with that, I've told you before, I don't take any of this for granted.
I've seen how quick this game could be taken away from you.
So every chance I get to go out there and play, I'm leaving on the floor.
Tim back right Staff Tim Reynolds with the A p from on this side.
You guys have used the strength and numbers mantra now for a long time, and I mean, have there been too many more nights where they may have rung?
More true than this one.
Steve said that he was thinking DeMarcus is cap would be 20 minutes.
He played almost 30.
Quinn Cook making the threes, Andre, obviously with, you know, with the shot that wanted another shot that sealed it at the end.
Strength in numbers.
I know it's been around for a while, but tonight it just had to meet a lot more than maybe it has a lot of nights.
Yeah, I think when you get to this stage, um, like, who are DNA shows up?
So it's not something you just just go out there to have nice shirts and give out to the crowded oracle and have all those marketing stuff is literally like how we approach you every day from training Camp Teoh to June.
So, um, how we support each other, how guys stay ready throughout the year, whether they play, you know, like you said 30 minutes or miss 10 straight games out of the rotation.
Whatever it is, Coach always talks about it that everybody's gonna have a chance to help us win a championship at some.
Some point, um, just to stick with it and be patient.
It shows itself over the course of a season, and, you know, tonight was issues and way need three more wins that we needed to keep going.
But that's a part of who we are and idea.
It's not just what we say, mark here in the front stuff.
Mark Medina, Barry News Group.
It was set on the broadcast that you're entering the game dealing with some kind of illness.
Wonder if you could kind of shed light on anything in regards to that and what you try to do to fight through it.
I just didn't feel right but to start the game.
But end of the day, nothing's gonna keep you out from playing in the finals game if you can, if you can help it.
So playing sound recover before Game three.
I don't really know what what the cause was.
Just didn't feel right.
Rush over here and step over to your left.
A rash.
Manet with SportsNet that third quarter?
Not only the run, but the fact that you're getting contributions from DaMarcus and Quinn, Cook and Bogue it and just kind of everybody being a part of that.
How much to that ignite things for you.
It pretty much won us the game.
Cause way.
Establish our defensive presence.
We got stops and everybody got involved in office of in.
And, you know, when you come to the time out after a couple of runs like that, everybody is involved.
Whether they're scoring or setting, screens are making the assist or whatever the case is, everybody feels good and in the virus is Ah, it's just solid and We know that we've taken control the moment.
Um and then it's just about sustaining it down the stretch.
So obviously, third quarter have been great for us.
I couldn't get over the hump, but tonight was a different story because of our defense.
And everybody contributed to that standing in the back.
David Cologne City, NY Puerto Rico.
Stefan, how important is you?
Could you face up more than you go to San Francisco?
You keep your free up your teammates to the virtual the Suri's free about teammates you always have.
You fe up.
How important is you?
Have you face up two of my faith, your teammates for the World Series?
Oh, I got confidence and faith and everybody says, Put out there on the floor and they have the same in May.
So again, whoever's and out there, you know, contributing and playing, we'll get the job done and have fun doing it.
Back left.
Marcus, Jonathan, show with DEA TV.
Where would you say you are at physically right now?
How close are you to being 100%?
Because you're still recovering from your injury.
Where do you feel like you're at right now, but I really don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Gray sweater Here on the left side, Step came on boats.
Could haber name that?
Come turkey?
I hope youll be this time finals M v p.
But if you will not be, are you going to be upset or you'll?
You'll be still happy.
I want to win a championship and that's that's all that matters, my man.
Appreciate it though.
Thank you guys.
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Steph Curry, DeMarcus Cousins Game 2 postgame interview | 2019 NBA Finals

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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