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first off have you ever heard of a double triple double look we haven't seen in a while to former MVP's is going down None other than Russell Westbrook and James Hardware that with with a double triple jazz next up on the list.
Splash Brothers.
You know who they are?
Put some respect on the rings.
I know no players hurt.
I know the A C L isn't there, but number four step in clay.
Splash Brothers.
You've gotta have that.
Have respect for those two.
Number three.
Number three coming in even at 70% Kevin Durant is still arguably the best player in the world.
And when he comes back, he's going to be special.
And I tell you, I play with Kyrie Irving.
He is arguably the most talented player I have ever played with.
Kevin Durant.
Kyrie Irving number two On our list.
This was tough.
I could go either way.
Either way, I couldn't go wrong.
Arguably two of the greatest defensive forwards of all times.
Listen, Kawai Leonard and Paul George And right now, Kawai Leonard, the best player on the planet and by the skinny margin Listen, the king, the goat, the greatest of all time, Anthony Davis.
And the one thing about 80 you gotta understand, Anthony Davis is the modern day Kevin Garnett.
And the reason these two edged out the reason LeBron is up top and Kawai Appalling lower LeBron James passing ability.
You're going to see this duel with a pick and roll, so that is easily my top five.
That is easily the worst list you could've put together.
How did you get this all wrong?
Given the fact that for 12 years you had a front row seat to the best players in the N B A on that bench, watching all these superstars play first of all, Westbrook.
And hardly leave that alone because I'm gonna tell you who should be in there ahead of them.
But I'm gonna say that Fleiss.
Yes, Steph Curry, But not Clay Thompson.
I don't know if you heard about it, but Clay Thompson as an a C.
There's no guarantee that he ever comes back.
The same let alone plays this year.
You know, guys come back stronger from a C.
Yeah, but they also are never the same.
Steph Curry and Draymond Green.
That's his pick and roll partner.
Draymond has always been the second player right after Steph.
That in fact, makes the Golden State Warriors what they are.
Kevin Durant, Kyrie, Irving, Katie and playing this year.
So it's Kyrie Irving and who Oh, he gonna be back.
Didn't he go?
He'll be back on Leonard and George.
You should flip flop with LeBron James and the goat is Jordan.
That's ridiculous.
That you call LeBron James was ridiculous.
There's no argument for LeBron over Jordan now.
So really, just really, with every Harden at fifth about Simmons and Embiid, Simmons and Embiid just gave the eventual champion Toronto Raptors with Kawai Leonard seven games and lost on one of the great clutch shots off all time.
How about Lillard and McCollum have already shown the ability to play together, something we don't know that Westbrook and Harden could do when they are in O K.
The team performed worse when they were both on the court at the same time.
Hold on, not even done.
I'll give you more.
How about Johannes and whoever you want to say the second best player is who now I think it's safe to say is Middleton.
Brockton is not on the team.
Johannes in Middleton just won over 60 games together and one beat good.
Siri's hold.
You take off about Harden.
Harden have seen their listen who plays between Westbrook and hard because Johannes and Middleton play defense.
Listen, heads a reality.
Harden was first and deflections a second in steals last year.
Don't know, veteran, he's a lot better.
But there Are you gonna count him out that quick?
I got I got more.
I'm not even do have I might have more hold on and be I gave you the oh, tell you another good a good pairing that may fit Well, we're better together than those two.
How about Kemble and Tatum?
Kemba and made, um, can run a little guy big guy thing.
Tatum has the ability.
The best offensive player on a powerhouse todos offense.
You're hoping, hoping with those who are.
I know together.
I know who are together.
Yes, I know the way that Russell passes the ball, I know the way he's gonna push pace and tempo in James Harden scoring ability.
We can't deny that.
And the one thing people sleep on James is willing to play off the ball and pass, but they didn't have another creator.
Max, You know what's amazing to me is that people who pay and what brought this up yesterday.
Lip service to defense, defense wins, championships, defense, defense.
Even when it comes down to it, the act like it doesn't exist.
That is, fully half the game is played on the other side of the floor.
Okay, for good teams, a little less than half because they have more possessions on offense, right?
But but basically half the game is played on the other side of the floor.
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George play defense K d.
And when Kyrie wants to complain defense, Steph doesn't but Draymond Green, who should be in there instead of clay total.
No, no, let me ask you something and you talk.
You talk about Draymond.
Let me address that.
Why does Draymond get so open on a short roll action if you don't know what a short role is is, That's where they double team staff.
He gets the ball and then he's able to go on because they have shooters because they have shooters because they have no what particular Thompson having this year.
Are you aware?
Injury wise?
I'll let you know, cause only thing you injured is that nose of yours injury wise.
A c l's guys come back stronger now kid leaves.
There is a high concern.
I understand when you talk about Kevin Durant, he's gonna be OK.
Seven feet but off a c L Clay Thompson is going to be stronger than he knows necessarily.
Ryan that some examples?
Yes, some examples.
They're never the same.
Somehow he stopped working hard.
You know, air.
Other players worked hard, often a C L, and haven't been the same.
That's a much more serious injury than people are acting.
People are acting like, given, it's not a given that that alone k d and listen an Achilles is something else.
People are like, I hope KD proves me wrong.
I hope Katie has the best moments of his career coming up because he could, but the odds are against it.
I've got a little concerned tops in the A c L.
It's like that.
That's that's close to like a 50 50 proposition.
If you return the same, the only question mark would be is his work ethic.
This isn't Chris Webber, and back in the day when guys told their A SEALs and they got cut wide open, this is the surgery may be walking around, you know, taking some set shots.
I mean, literally.
Now, with the advances in today's medicine with his work ethic, the guy's going to be back around February or even leader.
So if you're talking about's Clay Thompson, are you kidding?
Listen, I love Draymond, but what a dream I looked like without Clay Dreamin and Steph.
We don't know what they looked like when Clay was off the Florida final, but you just spent all of yesterday time out.
D'Angelo Russell can hit threes and take you off the bounce.
The thing that is moderate, the modernization of the N B A.
The Revolution and offenses.
It's not just the Splash Brothers, really.
When you get to the heart and soul, the irreducible elements on the Warriors, it's number one.
Steph Curry.
Number two.
Draymond Green.
He's the guy who allowed them to play five out.
He's the guy who allowed you to who allow Steph to run the pick and roll the way he does does all the dirty work on defense.
He is the second most important player in terms of the identity of the Golden State Warriors and the modernization of the FDA offense on YouTube.
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