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Rockets are in a winner go home situation when they host Game six against the K D list Warriors.
Will Cain still here with us?
Stephen A.
If the Rockets lose, is their championship window closed?
Yes, it is.
I think this is their best shot.
I think that when you look at what's happening in free agency, all just the landscape of things, you think about what the worries could end up being.
If Katie stays, if you think about what the Clippers will be if Kawai Len, it comes to town.
If you think about what the Lakers can be, if they look up and get somebody to join LeBron James, whether it's Kyrie Irving coming to join him in L.
Ah Campbell Walker or somebody like that when you look at the landscape in the Western Conference standing pat and doing what you did these last two seasons, this is it to me.
This is it now, Obviously, there is one caveat to all of this, and I'm surprised nobody brought this up, including myself, because we haven't been thinking about this Max and will.
You all will recall that when Jimmy Butler had demanded that he wanted out of Minnesota.
It was the Houston Rockets who reportedly were willing to give up four first round picks in order to get Jimmy Butler.
So I'm kind of surprised that I haven't heard their names mentioned when we talk about potential trades and things that nature said you were willing to give up the House for Jimmy Butler.
Who's to say you can't find some stuck in the N B A to take those picks?
You know, come this summer or whenever, But that's beside the point.
In the end, when I look at the Houston Rockets, I've you a team that is who they are, while elevation has taken place in various other parts throughout the Western Conference.
And that's why I believe right now is their best chance to advance to the NBA Finals.
They don't get it done now.
I don't think they're going to get it done any time soon.
I don't feel that way When you look at the Rockets, Stephen A.
The real key ingredient.
There's Daryl Morey.
He is the guy who identifies the undervalued assets and goes after them.
When I heard he wanted to trade four first from whatever the trade was for Jimmy Butler.
My first thought is Jimmy Butler looks so bad a minute in the new Don't lives a little better, and I think he is right now.
The James Harden situation was a heist, and many put James Harden in a position to win.
He put him in the best possible position and then hired a coach to even, you know, amplify what it was.
Uh uh, James Harden was doing.
So when you look at the Rockets right now, it's not just that they have Maury.
It's that the Golden State Warriors, it seems, are likely to lose K.
So when you talk about the competition getting better, that's true throughout the league.
But the obstacle that they've faced in terms of getting over the hump is likely to get worse.
And whatever you think about Chris Paul's decline and this is they're gonna have James Harden, they're gonna have Chris Paul.
They're gonna have Clint Capela.
And I have a lot of faith in Daryl Morey, based on his track record that he's gonna put the other pieces around them to remain highly competitive once the Warriors lose K D If that in fact happens, they're no longer invincible.
You can't say the Windows closed for the Rockets.
Not only do they have hardened Capella and CP three, they will also have Gordon under contract next year.
The point being the core of the Houston Rockets will be right back here again next year.
Actually, with Max on this, Stephen A.
The situation you described is a dispersion of talent.
Katie leaving Golden State changes everything.
It lowers the bar all of a sudden.
Having four superstars isn't the bar anymore, and I think that makes the Rockets path even MAWR clear next year.
The N B A ought to be way more wide open.
Actually, Now we think about it this season.
Going forward as long as K D is out is a precursor for next year.
So if you believe the Rocket should do something this year, next year should be no different this year.
Meeting with Katie injured this year's version of the Warriors is what next season should look like.
If Katie Lee and these days you poor.
But whatever what I'm saying that you want will is his wife.
Here's why.
I think you're wrong CP three is not the same now as he was last year, but he's still on the roster.
So in other words, we were talking about me and Max Kellerman.
You just need to remove yourself from this argument, cause all I got to do is point out how you know prejudice.
You are against age.
The older you get Max Kellerman go holder to get you Cliffs and everything else in between all those ISMs that you want to throw out a ageism and beyond.
That's what the actual hall we get.
Some on Chris Paul, though.
Yeah, but what I'm saying to you is that Chris Paul, we've been making the argument that Chris Paul, even though still very good, very talented, is not the same Chris Paul that he was Ah, year ago.
So all I'm saying is to me, you can't convince me that Houston's opportunities are going to be the same will or better next year.
Then they bring the last two years last year, and I don't believe that CP through the 35 that is correct.
But I don't think the drop in the Rockets from cpt turned 34 to 35 whatever production correlates with that will be is great as the drop in the top level of the NBA.
I think the drop of yours coming there again, Detainee Lee.
You think if Katie leaves the Warriors all of a sudden, you've got how many teams in contention?
No, no, no, no, no, not on the same level at the top of the just got chopped off.
I do what you say, but what?
You have to understand that just just I am put.
I am assuming that if you are K D, for example, you're healthy enough to play and you leave the Warriors, you're going to go to somebody else.
That make them is formidable as the Warriors.
I don't for the Warriors, Max.
If K D goes to the Clippers.
Wicca, why you and I want to record saying that declared big.
But that's what I'm saying.
What is not that big of an If if you really think about it, you know it's quiet.
Kawai and K d wind up on the Clippers.
They're the favorites.
The Rockets still have a puncher's chance, but consider that Chris Paul's declined and I expect it to be a steady decline at this point in his career.
Still, maybe puts him at all star level.
What about Clint Capela?
Is he done?
Is a stuff?
Don't we like Portland?
Don't we like Denver?
Are we not on the record saying the combination of A Y and K D Did we know we're not a record?
Talk about Kyrie Irvin joining LeBron in L.
And what with Houston?
Well, the thing is not look, there's more competition and Houston's among them.
But the insurmountable obstacle has then been removed.
That's the point the Warriors with Cady were.
And by the way, Houston still almost beat, um, Warriors two years in a row.
You knocking on the door that I don't believe that.
I think this is Houston's last shot, and I'm not counting out the Warriors.
But it's not like if they lost Katie.
They end up empty handed.
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Rockets' title hopes are over if they can't beat the Warriors without KD - Stephen A. | First Take

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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