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he wrote Brook Lopez Brooks.
Your cleanest games so far.
You guys really dominated from the start in this one against Japan.
Yeah, we just try to come out with the right mindset, the concentration for a full 40 minutes.
We knew Japan was going to come in and they're gonna play hard and play together for the whole game.
So we knew we had to come out and be ready.
I think we did a great job.
Guys struck a little bit against zone against Turkey.
The Japanese played zone heavily in this game.
You guys did a lot better against it.
We definitely did.
You know something we're definitely looking to work on in this game.
I thought we did a great job just attacking when we had the opportunity and moving the ball, and we have the chance of that as well.
So just over in Nanjing, the Greeks one tonight, which sets up a big match up on Saturday against your Milwaukee Bucks teammate Iansa.
Tene Cooper.
This is the first U.
Has never had to play against the reigning M V P in a major event.
What are you expecting from me?
Honest In that game.
I'm looking forward to it, You know, he's gonna absolutely come with The winner's mentality is not gonna give anything at all in these.
He's gonna come try to take the game and win.
You know, you gotta love that.
You know, it's cos you've been so fun so far and we're definitely looking forward.
That natural with Donovan Mitchell here.
You guys played a dominating game tonight, Really a bounce back of performance after that game against Turkey?
Yeah, for sure, obviously.
You know, ideally, you know, we want toe pushed the lead a little bit against Turkey, not one by one.
But I think games like that really help us now.
I think we're all looking back on it, pretty happy that that game happened early.
I think allows us to build and to learn, understand what approaching to come into every game when we started this game was phenomenal defensively and it allowed us to get a lot of fast breaks on offense.
Jaylen Brown stepped up big time, and I think a lot of it for us is just continue to find the find open man making the simple plays and will be in good shape.
So you now face John Cena Campo and the Greeks on Saturday is the first time Team USA has ever had to play reigning M v P in a major event.
What do you expecting out of him?
Needing that came way all obviously known from the league.
But I think for us just continuing to make it hard on much stuff as much as we can.
I think we'll rely on Chris and Brooke a lot for this guy.
Don't for it, but just continue doing what we do.
And on top of that, being a defensive pest that we've been, I think that starts with the guards being able to pressure the guards to make a tough one as much as we can.
Maybe a little bit sloppy with the ball time, right?
Yeah, It isn't like that behind between being aggressive, not being just again with towards, you know, sometimes gonna have aggressive turnovers.
Sometimes you can't control.
Sometimes it's not, so just it's on us.
Would you better basketball.
I think about knowing playing their best player is on Saturday.
Take one step at a time here.
This special refusal that of course, true that nothing is gonna be tough way chemistry.
What, specifically with his own offense?
If you want to do better tonight, Um, the first time he plays so just often.
Offensively, what did you do?
Want to do against O?
Be aggressive.
Just be aggressive.
Move the basketball.
Make the right place.
I thought we were trying to slow it down.
Town has played a great pace.
And the defense is something that you might have in your back, I guess.
I guess something new, something new for us.
We have more zone.
So we will work on a little bit and gave us opportunity tonight.
Can started fucking about four Celtics getting together, learning each other building rotary.
Now that you've been with more than one what are some things that you learned about playing with it and Marcus right now, you know, I'm just trying to focus on USA Basketball.
No, we are your organization.
Of course, sport.
You know, I'm just I'm just saying that whenever we get back to Boston, then work some things out, but, you know, it has been fun to No, just be around those guys.
It's mostly off course stuff that I'm most excited about.
Just really cool guys really welcome you with open arms.
This game?
What would you do?
Just going shows in your ready for Greece.
Thank you.
Way back to all three competitions.
Do some rides first this well out of competition Checking.
Probably play this great.
Played great at one point.
No, we responded tonight.
Well, most importantly, we stayed together to a lot of diversity which matters most great.
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Donovan Mitchell and Kemba Walker break down Team USA’s win vs. Japan | 2019 FIBA World Cup

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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