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  • SportsCenter R E might start with the Toronto part, Michael, but SportsCenter e R The headline is Kawai Leonard in the Big gamble.

  • This organization made knowing he could walk after this year.

  • It came to fruition there in the finals, which begin Thursday.

  • You know, I just talked to Messiah Jiri, the president of the Raptors, who essentially is personally responsible for that gamble, both the risk of it when he took it on.

  • Now the success of it that it's paid off to get to the finals.

  • That franchise has never done that.

  • And there were a lot of people who were really upset with no guarantees.

  • When besides did that, I wonder when I was watching a Y Leonard stand here and just looked up at this place, nearly 20,000 people screaming for them and for him, what's going through his mind?

  • How do you leave this?

  • We don't know much about what he thinks, but adoration must affect him in some way on DSO.

  • Now that's gonna be part of the story line, of course, going forward into next week, what can Toronto do with Golden State?

  • And what can Toronto due to keep Kawai letter.

  • Well, let's start with Part one.

  • What can they do to make this a competitive Siri's and possibly pull off the upset?

  • Naturally, Golden State has opened up as huge favorites naturally on, and everybody understands why Golden State has opened up that way.

  • Experience, of course, plays a part is a big part of what Toronto wound up beating Milwaukee, eliminating the Bucks even after being down to experience guys like Not just Pride but Gasol on and Kyle Lowry.

  • Guys had been the conference finals, at least and sometimes been burned by it but understood what it was like to play in them.

  • And now Golden State's got that in abundance over Toronto.

  • What can they do to make it a syriza?

  • Have all those role players who showed up against Milwaukee show up at plus 30% against Golden State?

  • Kawai letters gotta be great consistently again, but why would we doubt that?

  • Now?

  • Toronto is certainly the big story, you know.

  • That's the Disney story.

  • If you else I'm allowed to use that analogy, and it's it's one of the times.

  • I guess now, with warriors come in is something of a big, bad wolf I mean there, there's no villain.

  • The Warriors of two liked for that, but they come in as something of a villain IQ of spoil the perfect ending of this story in Toronto.

  • The Raptors the only team to sweep the regular season.

  • Siri's against Golden State.

  • Michael Wilbon in Toronto.

  • And Michael.

  • We always encourage you to use Disney analogies.

  • I'm sure thanks a lot.

SportsCenter R E might start with the Toronto part, Michael, but SportsCenter e R The headline is Kawai Leonard in the Big gamble.

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