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we showed you that 18 to nothing Run to begin the third quarter longest run by any team in the n b A.
Finals to begin 1/2 since the a b a N b A merger in 1977.
To add some context to what you see, the Warriors were five for seven on open shots and contested shots six of eight, and they could test in 68 Raptors field goals.
I should say Clay Top scored or assisted on 13 of the 18 points Tim Legler is alongside.
And Tim I mentioned that you and I spoke about that third quarter, right, And I mean, this might seem like a silly thing to point out, but that building's on fire, and then people go at half time.
You got the lead.
People slow to get back to their seats.
Home court advantage is a real thing, and it's not an advantage when Golden State finds their footing and then they land that flurry of punches.
I'm not saying that's a big part of it, but it is it.
Is it?
A little part played into it, and I'm gonna get into in a second.
Distorted in the second half, right?
As I'm talking about, I'm good.
But first to me, Scott into the first was started with what happened at the end of the second quarter.
In 1/2 the Toronto dominates.
They allow Curry to get loose at the end of the half, and at this point he's bottled up.
He doesn't look well.
They're checking out on him on the bench.
He looks like he's physically ill.
He doesn't have any energy, he doesn't have any space and they make some mistakes.
At the end of the half, he gets a walk up three because Hawaii is not up on the screen.
Then he gets the breakaway layup off the turnover.
He gets a short little runner in the middle there, and he finishes with two free throws.
So Steph Curry gets nine points in the last 2 50 off the second quarter.
That, to me, felt like a huge momentum shift in the game is not only is he now feeling it, it's a five point game.
It should have been 12 to 15.
You can't allow Golden State to narrow the gap like dad.
You're walking off the court knowing that coming out.
You aren't gonna have that emotion in the crowd to start a second.
That's most MBA arenas single.
I'm just saying I'm singling them out because their home court advantage is so good that it's noticeable when there's a ton of empty seats and people are ready to go nuts, Which is why your margin for error needs to be greater.
You need to go in there up 12.
So if you do have a slow start right now, maybe you call time out.
It's only it's only an eight point game instead of five from what it was.
And so for me, that's where it all started to turn in, and he came out in the third quarter.
Passing in motion really turned the game.
In the highlight.
We showed Bogan and Cook contributing in ways that you couldn't have imagined they would be asked to or I shouldn't say be able, but they did.
They're certainly capable of it.
But I'm looking at Siachen and Gasol had 52 in Game one.
I'm thinking there's no chance Golden State's like go ahead and do that again, that 18 in this game, so that jumps off the page But as you're watching and you're putting stuff together to show us to illustrate where the game is won and lost, what stands out So they come out, start third quarter gold states feel better about themselves at halftime.
And now the motion and the passing turns the game.
They get 14 straight buckets on assist to start the third quarter.
This is a set play.
Here's what they're trying to get.
You're gonna get a back screen here.
They're going to get jiggy out of there.
So now you get the back cut, and then the last part of this is gonna be cousins cleaning up for curry bringing up to the ball.
It's a set.
They won all the time.
But it begins with this back screen action when you're gardening.
I like Steph Curry, man, are you afraid to leave his side?
And so you end up getting this action right here on this screen.
Now, this is one of the situations to me.
This should be an obvious switch.
Danny Green should just switch off here, pick up dreamin, and then when curry pops out.
That's okay.
We got Kawai jumping.
They don't do it because Danny Green is so concerned about Steph Curry getting a three that you get an easy pitch and catch layup right here.
Clay Thompson dream under a great design.
Great execution, the motion and the passing starting to take over the game here is the very next trip.
Curry with the rebound.
Throws it ahead and right here, take a look.
He's looking up the floor.
He sees this and you could see him pointing.
He's saying, Get the ball into the post.
It's exactly what they do.
How good was Marcus cousin tonight by the remarkable when he went down with an injury?
We never see him again this postseason.
Good for him.
So good tonight.
You can't say enough that the minutes, the production he gave and again here goes that weak side action with Steph Curry.
You're so afraid of him popping free off the cut Kawhi Leonard falls asleep a little bit.
You get this little brush screen?
Here goes Clay Thompson, and again, it's an easy little drop off layup to play.
So first half Golden State, I think they started the game shooting 28% to 1/4 plus.
Now they start getting the motion.
The movement, They're getting layups.
They're getting open threes completely different offensive flow in that third quarter.
But it all started with that last three minutes of the first half.
Totally agree.
If it was a fight, they been standing in that second when they're down double digits.
But this is a heavyweight champ.
You let him catch their breath and get their legs beneath him, and then good luck.
But then Toronto punches back, and it we end up in a wild sequence there at the end, where look like Golden State's trying to turn it over.
Edward Dollar gets that look.
He takes that long pregnant pause, stairs it down and makes it.
What do you make of this?
And it looks to me like the coaches right there are screaming to foul Draymond green once Curry gives it up the first time because they're definitely close enough to do it.
Instead, he it's Livingston.
It ends up back over to Curry and then eventually a dollar.
Who takes that three?
A lot of nerve there because you got 34 seconds left on the shot clock, but I do think that's the right play because if you don't take that shot, you might not getting a clean look or turning it over in a two point game.
That's a guy that's been a finals M V P.
He's not afraid of the lights.
Steps up, makes a huge shop.
It look.
I also want to talk about a clay going down and this guy that you're about to talk to you can't say enough about what Queen cooked it coming in and giving them nine points at a critical time in the game with Clay Thompson limping off the floor, we talked about cousins, great Draymond green with sensational this.
They got basically contributions up and down that roster.
And this is why the world champs man margin for air so small against this team, they make you pay like nobody else.
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Steph Curry’s end of second-quarter run led to third-quarter barrage – Tim Legler | SC with SVP

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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