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So he's got a steal a block already with six years of missed four in a row on the offensive end, there's penetrates, goes a turnout and Simmons keeps it a lot.
Five point net lead.
Villages 3 12 5 behind the Art Harris and gets it to go mas on the floor for filling.
Horford on the low block.
Goes at the smaller LaVerne store.
Spins out, though.
Irving over three.
Simmons sending everybody away.
He wants to take Kyrie Good ball movement Court Maas.
Philadelphia I'm interested.
Interested to see what they do this summer?
In terms of Do they try to add pieces?
We got to the following four times in that first half years.
Tobias Harris switching home with three pointer.
That's his first triple of the game.
That takes tremendous confidence in your hand and the soldier on the poise to keep your vision.
Paris comes back and knocks down a three of his own team.
Six point Netley Harris gets the bounce.
Another mid range bucket for Tobias Harris on the next Teams of Billy's in six has got position on home.
Back out the Bible.
Extra passing by.
Richardson shot clock down to their season.
Now the Nets get a stop with fans behind is calling on the place.
30 point shooter, 30 points on 19 shots.
Nine rebounds for Tobias Harris, looking to put this one away with four of the time Harris drives.
He's got nine in the quarter way.
That matchup he wanted.
He got Jared Allen on the moon.
Has to put it up in over the good shot blocker and does exactly that.
He is rolling offensively.
Nice patient, good execution.
He's been the go to guy here in the fourth quarter.
Philadelphia 34 Overall, 24 in the second half.
What changed for you offensively?
First off, it's on glory to God.
We're just pushing through the second half.
Who said Tell them in a locker room that we needed more energy?
We need to be better defensively way.
Have to find easier baskets and take care of the basketball.
We came out.
We got a great job, especially in the fourth, learning about this group.
As you play without Joel, finding an identity that's the biggest thing is us.
Continuing to find our identity way are learn is where great team once we get stops and once we're able to run, get out of transition.
Ben at the head of it gets out.
He's one tough spares a guard full court way.
Just continue to find each other's similarities and our personalities as we played together.
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Tobias Harris heats up in second half for 76ers vs. Nets | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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