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Jalen Rose.
James Harden.
The Rockets played the Warriors.
Obviously, the Warriors look different than they have in the past, but James Harden was talking about the Warriors injury woes in the post game and just watch.
I hope you guys Katie and staff hope those guys get back on the court.
Yeah, I'm dead serious.
Does James Harden know Kevin Durant?
No longer on the Warriors?
He doesn't know, but he was still frustrated by his teams play, and he did have a big game.
But that was hilarious.
Did he name K D?
Is the part of the team that was fun.
I think I just got I got them in the place.
De yeah current.
He thinks words Game seven gave six.
He's been beaten by the team so many times.
He's just hasn't process the fact that Kevin Durant is no longer in that uniform to take him out of the playoffs one more time.
We spent all summer talking about Zion Williams, and it just seemed like there was just so much focus on Zion, Zion, Zion, Zion, Zion, Zion, like Thailand.
But he's not playing.
You know who is John Moran and John Moran is making a mark.
I mean, look at where he ranks.
Jalen Rose burst in points first in assists, first in field goal percentage if you've attempted more than 100 shots.
He had 26 points yesterday as the Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves.
What have you seen so far from John Marange?
I appreciate how he can finish.
If you look at his slider Bill, you feel like you can push him off of the angle and make him shoot a low percentage shot.
And he's shooting 50% from the floor, right?
Wrong foot.
Wrong leg.
Wrong hand, laughs.
He got him with the left, did a sweet one.
Did a couple with the right.
His mid range game is there.
He's been an impressive rookie for Memphis and giving them optimism going for the future.
Brooks had a big game for them.
I really like Jared Jackson Jr.
That building a nice quarter with the Grizzlies.
They do.
Moran is so just athletic, but it seems like he jumps in the air and then sort of figured out what he's going to do with it.
Intensive going with that one yesterday when he waited the reverses through with two hands underneath the basket.
He's been so impressive he could do it from all phases.
I'm really excited about John Marin.
And one thing no one's talking about Jalen, where's I'm William saying we got a timetable.
Can we get something?
Because it seemed like he was gonna play and, uh, have a seat.
Heard an update on him in quite some time.
The Hawks didn't just get blown out.
They got blown out by the Bulls and Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce was very honest about it.
In his post game comments, Let's check in with Coach Piers.
Where did some positive?
You do tell this young core that the game is over?
That's the best thing.
I didn't know how to speed the game up.
He called two timeouts in the fourth quarter.
I'm looking at him like you don't need to sub just let it go.
Somebody then found and next couple seconds.
That's the positive.
This game is over and we have to worry about anymore.
Sometimes you just gotta is no positives.
You can Hey, you had 18 points to bar.
He had 18 points last night.
We wanted had 18 points tonight.
That's easy.
Didn't do that in asleep.
Um, there's no positives.
We Yeah, Jalen, have you ever been on an N b a basketball court and just wanted the game to be over?
Yeah, when you get in the breaks beat off for you or another guy has 79 is trying to go for anyone.
You want the game to be over, but that's where you test your professionalism.
That's what it tests because you don't want to get undisciplined and start flagrant fouling or cursing at the refs or getting ejected.
You got to take your beat down like a man, and I give the Bulls credit for how they played.
This is the perfect example of how Collins impact on the Hawks is going to go from being a team on a lot of nights.
This shows playoff promise to a team that looks like a lottery squad, and that was a perfect example of it.
That is, it is sort of the last couple of games for the Hawks have been a microcosm of exactly what you're talking about.
The best thing about record because you could just give up.
You know what two minutes left.
Whatever getting be given that we do, Jalen, it is time for some very important news that matters on our subreddit page, which I go to often make sure you go there.
The challenge.
Kobe Subreddit.
We had a submission for a topic that is so up your alley.
Jalen Rose.
It's about something that you are so passionate about one of your favorite things in the world.
And that, of course, is better made.
Potato chips.
Jalen Yeah, already.
They informed us that they are now making chocolate coated better made potato chips.
Jalen, are you on board with chocolate on potato chips?
I'm not rolling.
I know Excited.
You were so excited to two things.
Potato separately.
Potato chips, good chocolate, good potato chips and chocolate.
Not good.
Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports analysis and highlights.
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Jalen Rose is impressed with Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant | Jalen & Jacoby

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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