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Tony was your men Takeaways from this people work.
I think over was a great tournament.
I think was great.
Ah, level of play for my country.
We did pretty good.
Got a medal or big win against the US I'm very proud of them.
And another big win, you know, for Spain.
They played great basketball there.
The whole tournament, you know, Team friends was able to be team U.
In the quarterfinals.
What did you see from this French team who are impressive to you?
I think they're the whole team, the whole group.
It was, Ah, team effort.
I think they play the very well.
I think as a country we can be a very probably where they represented us.
And, uh and it's not easy to get the middle of the walk up.
So I was very happy for for them, very happy.
Ah, for the French National Team E.
Hopefully we can build on that and keep improving and try to do Ah ah, even better.
You know the Olympics.
What is your impression of your former teammates?
Patty Mills house?
A house he helped Australia in this tournament.
Can you talk about his girls and develop in their being.
That's what I thought.
Australia had a great tournament.
He played very well.
I was very sad for them that he didn't get a medal.
They played.
They played very, very well and Patty was unbelievable in that tournament.
He was playing an M V P Day at an M V P level.
Hey, was men playing very, very well and ah, he's, you know, he's improving, you know?
Still, Now you know he's playing better and better, and I think Australia can be very proud of him and and I know they will be back.
You know, in the Olympics, you try to get a medal.
What does this year's feeble work helps say about a ghost off the basketball Copely happening?
Basketball is very healthy right now, you know, especially playing a competition in China.
They love basketball here, and you saw the reality.
They will the little of their beautiful full of fans, you know, it was packed in and so it is great, you know, for for basketball, great for China and that we can keep build on that have been playing in Duffy about two.
So for you What is the biggest different between playing feeble basketball and an MBA?
So you play for your country.
So is different.
You know, MBA, you play for city.
There were the walk up the Olympics, You know, you play for your country, so it's very different.
You know, we have a whole country, you know, watching you.
And so I love the competition.
Always took a lot of pleasure, you know, to play from the national team.
Well, have you been doing since the retirement during life?
A simple Is that so?
How are you adjusting Teoh life after return and you'll die right now.
I love it.
I love it.
I love it.
Just enjoying life.
Spending time with my family and my kids.
Um, and just, you know, enjoy stuff that I couldn't do when I was playing you.
Because I played for 20 years.
So now I got a lot more time for me.
What stuff?
Like a sufficient specific What?
Like you.
Like the beach before.
You haven't like spending more time with my friends, you know, go to vacation, spend more time with my kids.
Ah, stuff that you know, when you in the middle of the season.
You know, you always, like focus on the team and focus like always, traveling to every two days.
It's, like, very different.
So what do you miss the most about playing basketball?
What do cheer release?
I don't miss anything.
You know, I'm very happy with my decision on accomplish everything that I wanted to accomplish in basketball.
And so now it's just, you know, I have to do something else now.
And so between my academy, that just open in September and at the two teams that our own Ah, and the Norfolk, you know, in the finance world, I got a lot of activity that, you know, I got great challenges and can't wait and looking forward for the future.
What don't you really mean about them?
The only a order that I told you I don't miss anything.
You know, it's no anything.
Describe what's going through your mind when you heard the Spurs will retire your number nine jersey.
I was so happy, so happy.
Very proud, Um, is just such a great honor.
And I never thought in my waters dreams that I have my jersey retired, so I can't wait for that date.
What kind of advice would you like to share this young in the eight point guards today?
Especially those from Europe?
Um, just keep working hard.
You know, they're the NBA's.
It's global now.
And and why not them?
You know, I mean, why not meet you know, the point guards from anywhere in the world, you know, just keep working hard and and maybe one day what happened, you know, to make their dreams to complain.
India, How do you think a young Tony Parker can bear in today's and media gave?
Really good, Good.
I love the game.
I think the game is in a great place.
Yet great players feel like is the Golden Age and point guards.
You know, you got a lot of great point guards.
And so I think it is just I'm gonna watch now and enjoy, you know, especially in next year.
With all the changes, you know, it's gonna be an exciting you.
Anything would do differently if you're like, play now from your very young No, no se must be aggressive that go the way I waas house playing eso What's your take on star stars forming so called super teams in the NBA today.
Was it a concept on your mind at all when you were in San Antonio with Timmy and Manu?
I don't really care about that.
You know, everybody does whatever they want choose whatever they want to do and whatever teams they want to play for.
So everybody got their own rights to decide what they want to.
All right.
Thank you.
I thank you.
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Tony Parker: This is a golden age for point guards | NBA on ESPN

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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