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Vegas has decided that the Lakers are the top odds.
Next are the Bucks.
Third are the Clippers.
What was your reaction when you saw that to meet guys?
I honestly believe the Clippers still have the highest ceiling in the league.
They have now with Marcus Morris, a legit four guys who can go get you 30 on any given night with Poland Kawai at the top of that list.
Kawai right now is the single best perimeter defender in the league.
He's giving up 26%.
He's getting to that level.
He was that in San Antonio.
They can be elite with their ball pressure on the perimeter.
They're big.
They're switch Hable, their athletic.
Um, I just think they have the highest ceiling with one vulnerability that they have is on the rebounding aspect of things.
They're giving up the second most second chance points.
I believe it will be a Lakers Clippers finals in the West ultimately, and that will be one heck of a Siri's.
So with that being said, how concerned are you with Paul George health and their inability to get games together?
No, this is This is also one concern, obviously, right.
It's the continuity, and it's interesting.
I had Doc Rivers and the Clippers maybe a week or so before the All Star break, and he was looking forward to literally this two day window at the time poll.
George hadn't, you know, dealt with that groin injury, and he said, That is a critical juncture for us to sort of lock in on what are defensive schemes are try to build some things.
Consider this what should be their closing line up, and that could be Lou Williams.
Or it could be Marcus Morris.
That group, if it's Lou Williams, has played 18 total minutes all year of clutch time basketball.
So five five point spread.
Five minutes or less, they've only been on the floor for 18 minutes, so lack of continuity is a concern.
Doors everybody waiting for the L A Western Conference final can Denver, Utah, Houston.
Which one of those teams may have the best shot to kind of disrupt that fascinated Mike toe Watch the grand experiment in Houston.
They doubled down, got a couple more players who are small, switch hable athletic and make threes.
Um, you know, I do think that the size of the Lakers would be problematic for them.
The way the Lakers protect the rim with both JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard.
To me, the team that might have the highest ceiling it's it's a team that's the sum of its parts are what makes it special.
Jamal Murray, Nicolay Yokich.
The experience they had, Ah, year ago in the playoffs, losing to Portland and seven games.
The addition of Michael Porter Jr.
The elite defense of Tory Craig Ah, Yokich, after a very slow start, has been absolutely brilliant.
Um, they're deep.
They now have some experience, but to me it still comes down to Lakers Clippers.
The Eastern Conference seems a little more sure of the top.
It's the Bucks and then everybody else right now.
But the team we're all interested in is the Sixers.
What do you need to see from Philadelphia in this second half of the season for them to make a run?
I mean, Mike, they may be the team that has the most to work out right before the All Star break.
They switch their lineup, right?
They take out Horford out.
They're still, you know, managing rotations.
They put for Can Cork Mas in.
And he's important because he's one of their shooters and they need more of that.
And then he goes out in a starting role and mrs all five shots and doesn't score.
Listen, they've got two of the best players in the league.
Joel Embiid is the best low post force in the game.
Hey, you have to send an extra defender to him or he will eat you alive in the post.
Then Simmons, to me, is elite in so many categories.
But that fit remains a question.
So they're navigating number one.
The pressure of the organization top to bottom said.
We believe we're championship material.
They haven't yet figured out their rotations.
They have an impatient fan base.
I would say they're the most drama filled team in the league, and they're gonna be fun to watch in the second half.
We're talking to ESPN MBA analyst Doors Burke doors.
That being said, sticking in the East, I mean Celtics fans of making argument that they belong in that conversation.
Heat fans are looking at it, saying we made the right acquisitions and the Bucks fans are just looking around saying we're great.
So when you look at all of this play out, who do you think is the favorite?
Moving forward in the East?
I don't think you can discount what Milwaukee has done this season.
They are historically great, protecting the rim right.
They have decided to go all in on taking away restricted area twos.
Brook Lopez and Yon.
Isn't it to compote to me are both Defensive player of the Year candidates and they are special, taking away one of the most efficient shots in basketball.
They also defend the corner three quite well.
There's two vulnerabilities, and the referendum will come in the postseason.
For this team.
They give up a ton of above the break threes.
Teams in their eight losses have averaged 17 threes on 43% 3 point shooting.
So if you can get hot and make shots against the Bucks, there's going to be that opportunity and listen.
As much as Yonas has improved from the three point arc teams Air still going to build a wall and say we are going to count on Yannis to shoot 31 32% from three point territory, they're not going to give them the paint.
They're gonna take away as much as he can.
But I do not believe we can discount what they've achieved.
They have a chance.
I mean, R B p.
I is putting about 67 68 wins.
Johannes will try to drive them to that 70 there, another team that I just don't think you can discount them.
That said, I think Boston this talented and I love watching them absolutely agree with you on that.
Those young stars and that young duo on Boston is fun to watch as any in the league.
But Doris, we we've kind of separated in the East and West, but I want to give you your whole run off the MBA.
Right now, you get the remainder of the regular season.
The thing that Doris Burke is most excited to keep her eye on down the stretch is I still think Mike, that LeBron James is the most compelling player in the league and he processes information faster than anybody else and commit can manipulate the game better than anybody else.
And I think there are a number of things going on here.
He's number one, taking the most threes ever in his career and 55 dunks this year or 55 games this year versus last year, he's got something like 30 fewer dunks.
His career free throw attempts is at its old time, low like.
I think he's doing a couple of things making sure Anthony Davis is good to go and comfortable.
But I also think he's managing himself for the postseason.
He spends more money and more time taking care of his body.
He understands exactly what's in play here, a chance at a championship, and I am most fascinated to see how the Lakers finish in this final.
As you said, not 1/2 but more like 1/3 of the season.
Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.
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Where the Lakers vs. Clippers battle stands at the 2020 NBA All-Star Break | Golic & Wingo

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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