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top a potential top five pick and arguably the best player in all of college basketball on a 29 and to date and team that seemed poised for a Final Four run.
He entered the MBA draft, went through the process briefly, but there wasn't quite enough interest to keep his name in the draft.
Came back this season and made a monster splash.
Averaged 20 points a game, 7.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists, shooting 70% from two and 39% from three developing into a consensus top 10 pick.
Now, physically, he has some similarities to Kyle Kuzma, John Collins and Aaron Gordon.
At six foot 9 £220 with high shoulders, a big standing reach in a near seven foot wingspan with his ability to get up and down in transition, finish above the rim and space, space it to three as a shooter, punished switches on the block and make his teammates better.
Obi Topping is an ideal offensive fit in today's MBA.
So what is it that MBA scouts like most about Obi Topping?
It starts with his finishing ability particulate early in the open court, spending most of his time at center under Anthony Grant.
Topping is one of the drafts Best rim runners changing ends in a hurry, thanks to his mobility and motor.
He sprints the floor heart, gives a target and is comfortable filling the lanes like a wing as well.
He also does a great job with these early post pins that we've seen from some of the NBA's best bigs, like Zion Williams.
On top of that, he's a threatened trail Situations using is a Jodi to slip screens and break free with an adjusted field goal percentage of 77% in transition.
Topping is ideal for an MBA team that wants to get up and down in the half court.
He spaces the floor vertically out of ball screens, thanks to his big reach and explosiveness.
He's a lot threat from all over the floor, making him a point.
Guards dream at the next level, throw it anywhere near the rim and topping will go get it top and finish second behind only Nick Richards and field goal percentage at the rim in the half court, converting 77% of 133 attempts while he wasn't an overly prolific offensive rebounder in Dayton.
Toppings length and explosiveness makes him a tip dunk threat every time down, even after his own Mrs.
It's rare to find bigs who can put pressure on the rim athletically but can also step out in space.
The floor as a shooter, Oh, be top in fits that mold and offers ideal offensive versatility.
Now he's a career 42% from three on 103 attempts during his time at Dayton.
He's a threatened trail situations where he has time and space to get to a somewhat methodical release.
Spending a lot of time at center for Dayton, he took advantage of slow footed Biggs popping the space to step into catch and shoot threes.
He can space it from the corners as well, which should allow him to fit in a more traditional two big lineups at the next level.
While not the most elusive ball handler, Topping is comfortable attacking centers in either direction and isn't afraid to tap into that two foot bounce when he's run off the line.
He also uses that mobility in dribble handoff situations, regularly faking the GHO and beating his man to the front of the rim.
He unleashes these fakes in either direction and fits the way most MBA teams want to play with.
His past dribble shoot skill set switch a guard onto him in topping is more than comfortable scoring on the block.
Now he's lighten his lower body and doesn't have the best balance verse riel size.
But he utilizes quick spins along the baseline and shine as one of the most efficient post scorers in college basketball.
He's ambidextrous on the block with the ability to drop in jump hooks over either shoulder and is starting to develop more comfortable ity on short turnarounds so we can space it to three.
Attack in a straight line score on the block, and he makes himself available off the ball as a cutter date moved him all over the floor, breaking him free of U C L.
A Cuts with regularity.
He's also comfortable playing out of short rules and doesn't need much offense.
Design form toe.
Have an impact.
While he finished his career with more turnovers than assists Obi Top, it has a very sound feel for the game, and he keeps the ball humming on the offensive end of the floor.
Now he's most confident and comfortable playmaking out of the post as he regularly saw double teams this season.
He's patient using retreat dribbles to set up weak side passes, then spacing back out to three to become a threat.
He senses where the double team comes from and even surveys the floor unselfishly for shooters.
When he isn't pressured, he delivers passes with either hand and can even play make on the move.
Some, as you can see here with the right handed hook, pass on the money to the open shooter toppings vision, then extends to the perimeter.
He plays with his head up, finds open, seems and hits the big in the paint on the ball reversal.
He's an accurate, high, low passer and is evolving as a short role decision maker.
As you can see here against Colorado on the big, big feed with the Buffaloes late on the rotation, the dunks and threes are what catch your eye.
But it's toppings playmaking envision that could truly take his game to the next level.
Obi Topping has major question marks on the defensive end of the floor, but he also has length and defense of instincts.
Last season, he averaged 1.2 steals and 1.6 blocks per 40 minutes.
Now he's active in the passing lane.
It's regularly disrupting entry passes or deflecting post feeds with his length in anticipation.
He's a playmaker off the ball as well as you can see here.
With his head on a swivel rotating from the weak side for a steal, he shows glimpses of potential as a rim protector, also in part due to the fact that he played mostly center in Dayton.
Given some of his struggles defending the perimeter, he'll likely see some time at center in the MBA as well, so fully tapping into that shop blocking potential will be key.
Long term, as you can see here against Georgia.
Picture perfect verticality technique.
Although he's not freakishly long, those high shoulders give him a sizable standing rich, which, when combined with his leaping ability and timing, gives him plenty of upside as a rim protector.
Both as the primary and secondary defender.
Obi Topping was one of the faces of college basketball this season with his high flying dunks, deep threes, big on court personality and unique back story, but for is exciting and productive as he was topping is far from a perfect prospect.
There are questions about him defensively as a rebounder, as an on the move shooter, Ah, ball handler and as a finisher through contact in the paint.
On top of that, there's the question of just how big of a role did Anthony Grant's offensive genius playing top and success as he played mostly the five with shooting and playmaking constantly surrounding him.
But really, it's the defense of shortcomings that are most glaring, especially when you consider it's not always a matter of will, but rather whether or not he's capable.
Given his narrow, waist, skinny legs and somewhat upright nature for as versatile as he is on the offensive end, he struggles, defending both fours and fives on the other side of the ball.
While not always tested, playing predominantly center in the Atlantic 10 Topping has his issues keeping the ball contained on the perimeter.
As you can see here late in the game against Colorado, he's an explosive finisher on the offensive end, but he's not overly mobile or quick footed on a lateral plane, and doesn't always get off the floor quickly enough to bother shots.
When he does get beat, he needs to be near perfect with his technique to make up for his shortcomings.
And that's not always the case.
As you see here against Rhode Island.
He doesn't change direction or stop and start all that well for a player his size, which you can see here on back to back close outs.
With so many teams opting to play combo forward wing types at the four spot, especially late in games, it will be interesting to see whether or not topping can keep up.
His perimeter struggles carry over toe ball screen defense.
Also, as you can see here, he doesn't square the ball up like he could, and its upright nature limits his mobility.
His motor comes and goes, guarding ball screens, also, which is on display here against Colorado, even if the ball is supposed to be pinned to the sideline.
Topping is late recovering.
He gives straight line drives to the rim and isn't quite the shot blocking force he could be in those situations.
He's a little jump here than you'd hope, given his age biting on shot fakes all too often with his value as a rim runner, roller and finisher.
You'd like to see Top and be able to play some center in the MBA, but that's a question mark it £220 with such a light base and good not great length for a five with a 6 11 wingspan, while in part due to the offensive load he shouldered top in wasn't the most physical post defender regularly allowing duck ins massive bigs like Udoka as a bouquet abused him time and time again this season.
Even with his light frame, you'd like to see a little bit more fight in resistance.
Although instinctual, he struggles containing quick rip throughs as you can see here against Grambling and doesn't quite have the quickness or strength to contain interior oriented bigs in one on one situations.
So while he doesn't project as a plus defender of modern MBA forwards, he also doesn't quite have the physicality or elite reach to handle more traditional bigs.
He could make up for that.
Some, if he consistently buys in, is a rim protector.
But his effort and focus really comes and goes here against Colorado.
You can see he gives no help on back to back back screens.
Then here in the second half against you Cane.
He's in perfect position to rotate over for a block, but simply flies by at half speed and then again against Colorado with his point guard overmatched against Tyler Bay.
No help with room on top of that top in isn't the toughest rebounder, either, averaging 9.6 boards for 40 minutes despite playing most of the season at the five here against VCU.
He gives up inside position to the guard after the switch, leading to VCU free throws, then against LaSalle.
Cotton, no man's land between rotating for a block in boxing out and gives up the easy put back.
Then his lack of lower body strength on display here against ST Louis.
As he's outmatched on a free throw box out, the league's elite offensive rebounders like as a bouquet, had their way with topping, which makes you question just how much five, if any, he'll be able to play in the MBA.
The league's elite modern forwards have guard winglike skills on the perimeter, and that's an area where topping is still evolving, as you can see on this grab and go.
He's a bit upright and rigid is a ball handler.
He'll expose the ball on straight line drives and isn't all that graceful changing direction, in part due to his high center of gravity.
While he shows potential as a playmaker from a standstill, he's still fine tuning his decision making when he's on the move and his first read is taken away on top of that, Top isn't the most dynamic on the move shooter, either.
He's fairly reliable with his feet set, but Topping made just one off the dribble jumper in 31 games on eight attempts.
While it's not imperative for your four fives to be able to shoot off the dribble, if you project topping as more of a star than a piece, then you like to see him look a little bit more comfortable making shots on the move.
There are also some questions about just how consistent he'll be from the N B A line, as he did benefit from having slow footed fives close out to him as opposed toe quicker wings and forwards.
He's a career 70.6% free throw shooter, and his mechanics do hit a little bit sloppy when he's heavily contested.
If he's expected to come in and plan the perimeter full time, Top in really needs to fine tune his handle on the move, passing and shooting to fit in today's game.
Lastly, toppings.
Lack of lower body strength does limit his effectiveness inside the paint when he faces riel size and strength, making it that much more important that he find tunes his perimeter skill.
As you can see here against VCU, it takes him seven dribbles to get to a shot in the post.
Then here against ST Louis, he simply doesn't have the lower body leverage to drive the defender back and generate a high quality look when he's not tasked with trying to move a more physical post defender toppings Balance takes a bit of a hit.
He doesn't always keep his feet underneath him when he goes into his moves, which is evident both on the interior and on the perimeter.
Of course, Topping doesn't project, is it back to the basket score in the MBA.
But some of these shortcomings playing through contact make it that much more important that he hones his perimeter skill.
Overall, Topping is one of the draft, most exciting players.
He dunks everything.
He shoots it with range.
He generally has a good energy and way about him on the floor, and he has a big personality.
It's easy to project him coming in and having a role in being a useful player from Day one in the MBA, especially at age 22.
But what scouts need to figure out is whether or not topping is a future star or just a piece to the puzzle.
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Obi Toppin’s Dayton highlights prove he is a top 5 NBA prospect | 2020 NBA Draft Scouting Report

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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