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agent Jordanovski now joins us and wounds the players already voted to give this thing a go in Orlando.
And now, after a massive phone call tonight, which had maybe 100 players on that call, is it a possibility?
July 30th is now in doubt.
Steve wasn't if if a conversation and a dialogue that is going on among the players right now becomes a movement, yes, July 30th could be in jeopardy.
But for now, there's no question, and the league expected this.
The union expected this that there would be players who, for a variety of reasons, would not want to enter the bubble.
But there comes a point where the league has to start imagining how Maney players it would take to stay home and how Maney, elite level upper level players in the league it would take to stay home for the league toe, have to reconsider whether they're going to go forward with restarting the season in Orlando.
It sounds to me and I've been reading most of your work that the superstar players LeBron James, no, like they're all in there.
They are good to go and that it's it's other players led by Kyrie Irving, for example, who who's injured and can't play anyway in the bubble, leading the charge against it.
You know, see that there's There's no question that among the elite players on the contending teams, they've been pretty solidified in wanting to play.
But that won't be enough for the N B A.
And and Steve.
There's a really conversation going on among players, and I've talked to a number of them, both black and white, who are looking at the idea off.
What is the best way to be able to continue the conversation on racial equality that has been ongoing in the league?
The world's eyes are going to be on the n B A.
It's going to be beamed everywhere.
The ratings are expected to be significant, and this would be the best possible platform to share a message.
But you know, there's another part of that conversation that guys are grappling with, and I think sincerely grappling with about whether you know that is ultimately the way to go.
There's also considerations about the isolation in the bubble.
There's players on teams who know they're not going to advance, but ultimately I think everybody in the league has to come to terms to with the financial implications off the league.
Not playing this season next season could be in jeopardy.
The league has the option to tear up the collective bargaining agreement, and many agents are telling their players they believe the league would tear up that c b A and restart with a whole new economic structure.
If the league didn't finish this season.
Well, what happens next?
What's the very next step here?
Well, I think the Players Association and Adam Silver in the league have really got to take inventory on where their players stand right now.
Chris Paul, members of the executive committee of the Players Association.
The conversation that they thought they were had moved on from in terms of players.
Um, you know, essentially, for the most part, wanting to play has restarted his reignited.
And I think the league and the Players association are gonna have to continue talking over the next few days here and get a sense of, very simply, who might be in and who might be out.
And do they have enough to go forward with?
Still hoping for N.
A basketball July 30th although it looks to be a little more cloudy at this very long war, which thanks very much.
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LeBron in, Kyrie out of 'the bubble' in Orlando could stall the NBA restart | SportsCenter

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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