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There's a report in The New York Post that suggests that Tom Thibodeau would have his choice of a bunch of jobs head coaching jobs if he decided to get back in.
And three teams that are specifically named are the Knicks, the Nets and the Houston Rockets.
Okay, which job should he take?
You're joking, right?
We're gonna do five seconds on this and go to another topic in the past few days.
Tony, just because I talked part of my life is talking to people in the N.
In the basketball industry.
I have talked to people who have worked for Tom Thibodeau for years.
In a couple difficult passes.
I've talked to people who have coached against him.
I've talked to people who have been around him who love him, who think that he's a worthy coach wherever he goes and he could have any of these jobs is what they all say.
Are you kidding me?
The Knicks?
That's the job he's always wanted the Knicks.
If he is not going to coach Westbrook and Harden the New York Knicks.
If that job is offered him, that's where he's going.
Tone, plain and simple from, from everything I hear.
So I have the benefit of not talking to anybody.
And I just sit in this attic and I take notes.
The Knicks is the safe choice.
You're gonna get at least a five year deal from the Knicks, even though the owner just sure ins coaches out all the time.
You're gonna get a little bit better each year.
But you're never gonna be any good, because that's the sad reality of the Knicks, the Rockets you want to stay away from for a couple of reasons.
Their two best players play the same position.
Their general manager is still hiding under a bed.
And if you're over 65 you're not allowed to play.
Where you and I differ is this.
Even though they are the doomsday twins Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, you can win a title there.
You take it for two years.
You see how far you can go.
If Kevin Durant respects you, maybe he brings Kyrie along with thought.
Maybe you get to trade Kyrie Irving, but I think you roll the dice on the nets, not the Knicks.
And I guess you you don't.
It's all about the trump card down on you.
Who's running in New York Knicks as about a minute and 1/2 ago?
Leon Rose.
Do you know who we've used to represent?
A Weight?
This is This is stacked for the Knicks.
Let me just say this.
It would just It was It was surprised me if he had those options and even a couple others of tips wouldn't take the Knicks, given what he thinks of the job.
But, you know, during the Jordan doc, well, we've heard Jordan say that.
My favorite place to play, I'm sure, other than in one of Chicago Rene's is Madison Square Garden.
You know how people feel about the Knicks in the Garden if they're of a certain age and tips is not 25 in those when the Knicks were something special, he does.
How did the last six or eight coaches do their Did they?
Did They enjoy themselves that they stay a long time?
But were they out?
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Wilbon emphatic Tom Thibodeau will coach the Knicks if offered job | PTI

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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