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Jared Covert have one heck of a year play with a chip, compete every single playing his game fits damn big.
He's a lottery pick, and I think he's going to be a top five or six pick.
And he's a guy that is under the radar on being a truly great talent.
Jared co Big 12 Player of the year and the engine that led Texas Tech to a 31 and seven record in a national championship appearance, leading the Red Raiders and points, rebounds and assists at the ripe age of 20 years old.
From a physical sense, Kovar has some similarities to Nets combo guard Caris Levert.
Although Kovar has a more project herbal frame at the same age, both stand close to six foot seven with a near 6 10 wingspan and underwhelming reaches.
While not identical, is players, Covert could play a Laverne like role early on in his career as a secondary shock cream.
Ah, former unheralded recruit out of Lubbock, Texas Covert improved as much as any player in the country from his freshman to sophomore season, vaulting onto draft boards and into the top 10 conversation with his prototype size and do it all game.
Given his college productivity feel for the game, competitiveness and reputation as a worker, Kovar is the type of high floor prospect with the ingredients to, at the very least develop into a quality nb A starter early on in his career, Culver's intrigues starts with his positional size and close to six foot seven with a proportionate frame in a 6 9.5 wingspan.
He has great size for a guard and uses his height effective to see over the top of smaller guards in order to find Open teammates.
Kovar led Texas Tech and assists at 4.6 for 40 minutes, and his ability to scan the defense at six foot seven is a big reason why Kovar is also effective, getting to mid range pull ups over guards and wing defenders alike.
Even against six foot 7 £210 R.
Barrett, Kovar is able to rise over the top, in part because of the nature of his release.
Functioning as basically a lead guard for the Red Raiders all season, smaller guards struggled to keep him out of the paint with guys like 63 Jonah Matthew standing No chance here.
He regularly uses spin moves to get the spots on the floor.
And if he's able to function as a combo guard in the MBA, most players at that position figured I have similar issues keeping him out of the paint.
Although only £194 Kovar is a mawr physical driver than he looks here.
Body ing six foot eight, many boat right to the rim.
He's capable of finishing through contact and generated 6.7 Fritos for 40 minutes just ahead.
Projected number three pick R.
Berry Kovar will also mix it up on the offensive glass, snagging 1.70 boards for 40 minutes at the Guard spot.
Kober shouldered a huge load as Texas text primary shot generator in the half court last season, ranking seventh in ESPN.
Stop 100 usage.
27% of Colbert's offense came out of pick and roll, and he's more than comfortable of operating in ball screens, especially when it's pull up his phone.
He struggled from beyond the arc as the year went along, but he showed there's at least some potential for him to eventually knock down, pick and roll.
Pull up threes, especially when teams go under the screen, as Kovar is a career 34.1% 3 point shooter, knocking down 1.9 threes per 40 minutes in 75 collegiate games.
He has a long release but decent overall touch and rotation.
He's definitely most comfortable getting to mid range pull ups out of ball screens, using his size to rise over the top and even mixing an occasional step backs.
Although he's not overly shifty.
When covert forces teams to go over ball screens, he's able to maneuver his way to the rim in a straight line, going to his right and his left.
He does a nice job of changing speeds, keeping his defender on his hip in the Big Man, guessing his sheer size helps him stride it out to the remembers drop coverage is, and he loves toe unleased spin moves past bigs in either direction.
He has shown flashes of finesse finishes and colder also figures toe look a little more explosive at the rim with NB a spacing, especially given his positional size and length.
While incapable pick and roll score its covert potential as a ball screen passes.
That makes him most interesting, generating optimism that he may be able to develop into more of a lead guard.
Down the road, he can hit the roll man with well timed lobs or what passes over the top again, relying on a size envision to hit athletic centers in stride.
Kovar has also shown the ability to locate shooters even in the weak side corner with live dribble feats.
Should Kovar slither past the big defender and get a piece of the paint?
He has the wherewithal and feel to know when to drop the ball off to the big man for an easy finish.
Pick and roll was by far his most used possession last season, but covert bread and butter comes as a triple threat score.
He utilizes rip throughs in jab steps to create space before rising up from mid range jumpers.
Kovar loves to get a one dribble pull ups going to his left at a triple threat as 97 of his 243 jumpers came inside the paint.
Because defenders are so used to that jab right, pull up left.
He's able to play off of that, with Rick firms attacking to his right and freezing defenders on his way to the rim.
Colbert does a great job of getting lower than his man on these rip crews and is a solid finisher and traffic finishing in the 66th percentile despite being one of only 11 Division one players to attempt at least 195 shots at the rim in the half court.
The pull up to his left and right through drive to his right are staples in his triple threat package, but he also uses head fakes to get defenders in the air.
As you can see here, burning cam reddish on the left wing, Kovar has a live dribble scoring package as well.
So long as he's knocking down his pull ups again, he's streaking.
But he's at least shown some capability with pull ups.
Verse switches here, sizing up Jack White before splashing a three of his face.
Then he uses hang dribbles, toe freeze defenders and get to mid arrange pull ups, stopping on a dime and rising up over the top of the defendant.
His release is far from picturesque, but he did rank in the 50th percentile on pull ups last season solid, given his pedestrian three point percent.
With Jack White having to respect his pullup three here, Culver uses the hesitation to set up the blow by and finish.
If he can find some consistency with his pull up, he'll look much more dynamic with the ball than he did at the collegiate level.
Kovar again is able to use a hesitation dribble, going to his right before spinning back left for the finish, relying on this size in the process.
He's not shifty or overly creative as a ball handler, but he does have potential on pull ups and is fairly physical to the rim and a straight line off a live dribble.
Lastly, Kovar is most comfortable operating in the mid post, both as a score and a facility.
He loves getting to right shoulder follow ways against smaller defenders, even utilising Cem Dirk Footwork in the process because he oftentimes shoots on the way down from deep.
This is whereas releases most natural and comfortable.
He sets up these turnarounds with shoulder shakes and is capable of turning over his left shoulder on occasion as well.
If he's matched up with a smaller guard like Kerwin Roach, he can use his physicality to get to the rim.
If he has a combo forward like Brady manic checking him, he relies on quick spins to get to the cup.
He's an adept passer as well out of the post, and, although not overly efficient, he is the three level scoring potential and vision to eventually become a primary shot crater in the MBA.
Culver is a sound positional defender who can sit down in the stance, contained penetration and then go find the body and attack the defense of glass.
Now he's not quite the defender that his reputation suggests as some rugged Jimmy Butler type that people often compare him to.
But the foot speed, positional length and technique is certainly there, although his reach isn't great.
His 6 9.5 wingspan is above average for a combo guard, and he uses that length toe bother shots in the paint as the primary defender if he gets beat, finishing his career averaging 60.8 blocks per 40 minutes.
Hoover also shows flashes of competitiveness and instincts off the ball.
He can cover ground to get to shooters on close outs and can be fairly disruptive in the passing lanes, even digging down on the post and hitting the floor for loose balls on occasion.
Lastly, Kovar is willing to stick his nose in defense of rebound better than most players at his position, averaging 7.8 rebounds per 40 minutes while playing mostly the lead guard spot at Texas Tech.
The fact that he's willing to do the little things will certainly help him see the floor early on in his MBA career as his shooting grounds out.
Colbert's labor on the way down shooting stroke has caused skepticism among MBA scouts in terms of just how much upside he truly has.
It starts at the free throw line, where he's a career 68.7% shooter with a pause at the top in a somewhat strained finish.
Although effective in mid range spots, Kovar struggles when you stretch him out to three, especially off the catch, finishing in the 34th percentile and catch and shoot situations.
Culver's mechanics break down when he doesn't have upward momentum into a shot, as there is a slight hitch at the top of his release.
He has a narrow base in struggled mightily when heavily contest.
There's nothing natural about a stroke, and because he's far more comfortable with the ball in his hands, there are questions about how effective he'll be early on in his MBA career, as few teams are likely toe hand him the ball as one of the lead shot creators.
Once he misses one or two, Culver starts turning down rhythm, catch and shoot threes all too often leading to a catch and hold style of basketball.
Because he has such a long release, he's easy to get off his spots and far too often settles for contested mid range pull ups rather than open spot.
Apps will either catch and hold or panic driven, not even looking at the rim on the catch.
Enforcing drives into the paint, making him extremely predictable in the half court when the jumper isn't phone.
While he shot 38% from three as a freshman co verse question marks as a shooter date back to his prep career and throughout last season as a freshman, you can see how covert stroke was even longer, with a huge ball dip, narrow base and long wind up across the left side of his face.
Kovar spent the offseason tweaking a shot to get rid of that long lined up, but saw his three point percentage dipped by over 8% albeit on 17 more attempts in an expanded role.
While he came out of the gate scorching, shooting over 45% from three over the 1st 2 months of the season, he only topped 30% once during the season's final four months, shooting seven for 31 from three in the tournament.
He's far better off the dribble, hoisting twice as many pull ups, says spots.
But Kovar still has questions to answer in terms of his pull up consistency and rank.
The key is to at least be able tow, punish under coverages and pick and roll.
As you can see here, Kovar shoots on the way down far too often, leading to a wide variety of Mrs with his base so narrow in his feet, basically touching his on the moves.
Shooting is somewhat limited as well, given the fact that he's quite ordinary.
Unless he can develop into Mawr oven on ball player in the MBA, he'll have to become a much more consistent pullup shoot because he had far too many possessions like this dancing around with teams, daring him to shoot before forcing up a contested shot in the paint.
Simply put, how covert progresses as a shooter will likely determine the type of career he'll have the MBA, although partially because of his streaky jumper, Kovar had issues consistently getting by MBA caliber Athens.
In the half court.
In fact, he feasted on lesser teams, shooting 60% from two in 11 games.
First teams under 500 yet only 50% from two in 27 games against teams over 500.
He's a decent straight line athlete, but Covert is a simple ball handling without much well, resulting in far too many mid range pull ups.
He plays a bit upright at times, in part because the ball slows him down.
He lacks advanced combo moves and was able to make a living on straight line physicality in the N.
That may not translate to the highest levels as seamless.
He looks a bit unnatural, trying to mix in hesitation crossovers as he's predictable with his moves lowering his shoulder or having a kick out after failing to turn the corner.
Although he ranked eighth in the N.
A A and isolation efficiency among players with over 100 attempts at this stage of his developed, his handle suggests that he may be better off as a secondary ball handler at the N B A left often praise for his competitiveness on the number one defense of team in the country.
Culver did have his troubles against bigger wings and is £194 frame.
An eight foot four standing reach project better against MBA ones in tubes, then the league's top forwards, As you can see here against R.
Although Kovar is in position and this is far from an easy look, the £210 Barrett is able to shed the Red Raiders guard on the way to the rim and finish.
Given his reputation, Kovar had a few more defensive miscues than you'd expect then, against guards on the perimeter, he can open up a stance a bit too much, getting beat off the bounce covers.
Tools are good, not great by MBA standards, especially if he ends up as more of a wing than a combo guard.
So was margin for error isn't quite as wide as it was at the collegiate level.
He's not immune to mistakes off the ball, either ball watching at times or running into screens.
Chris Beard does a great job of maximizing talent on both ends of the floor.
His players compete defense, but will covers Motor Be has consistently revved up, away from his hometown of Loving and outside a beard system.
I will be declared for the 2019 B A drought leaves their team Texas Tech in points, rebounds and assists.
He deserves every one of the guys that that improved the most or least asserted himself more than than ever.
There's a lot to like about him in this position list, eh?
There's a lot of things that he could do really well.
Despite a productive season at the highest level of college basketball, Kovar has his naysayers who question his shooting ability to break down a set defense and overall upside.
Shooting 13 for 53 over his last three collegiate games didn't sway Culver's Doubters, as some see him as a high floor prospect worthy of top five looks, while other see him as fairly ordinary, described by some as too nice disk over have the talent level to justify hearing his name called in the top seven or eight of this year's draft.
Where should he be viewed as more of an eventual starter in the MBA?
Even his biggest skeptics can't question his rate of improvement, production and intangibles as one of the higher character prospects in the draft, with everything in place to maximize his long term potential.
Kovar brings a winning pedigree from Day one, and he's the type of six foot seven shot creator that teams should come it in the past.
Troubleshoot N b a.
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Jarrett Culver projects to be quality NBA starter early in career | 2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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