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Pacers and Pistons downtown Indianapolis on this Wednesday in October, the first of four regular season meeting.
It's and it's six rocket all the way to the rim, and it just hangs there.
But he was explain.
It was out of position.
So biggest strong he gets his body in the tournament.
Best kind of hear out of Memphis off the bench.
Last year in Minnesota, he reinvented himself.
This is a guy get concerned about you.
Look at what they're trying to do because Conard could make shots.
See drumming on the glass just hours back to the is right there.
You see?
Right there.
Drumming turned and looked at the official said, Let's with my sticks.
Bonuses come back into the backup center.
Justin Holiday and Doug McDermott are failures on scientific it.
And again, you gotta look.
Oh, my goodness.
Lost folks at home.
I've seen Victor walk around.
This may sound strange to some people, but it walks around with a gallon of water.
Yes, making, making sure you were there.
And now you're more committed.
Lamb Missed it.
Turner's gets it there.
He missed a shot, but reading you're going?
It really was a court back over his head, but he got his body miles.
But that was like 20.
The run is Warren banked it up.
Good over that shit.
Stay down.
Did they turn?
It could get open.
His holiday and Justin fans are ready from the way to the basket.
Come in, Shoot two Big men and the game on the anymore.
Automotive group.
Pacers live postgame.
That's really good.
Sean is coming back on the other side.
34 nights a week.
That's what question about it.
There was no point.
That's because the Pistons at the feet of a seven point a 30 point he's alone.
He's been a difficult player for everybody in the league to cover because he's such an athlete with that big body, clear space with Miles have to get it.
Come over, protected the rim.
So there's nothing easy before the opposition.
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Andre Drummond overwhelms Pacers with 32 points in season opener | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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