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since the trade deadline ended was a pretty pronounced offensive game for Minnesota.
26 threes in that ballgame without D'Angelo Russell Toronto's win at Target Center.
He played very well in the second half of that take, getting his body squared.
D'Angelo Russell lefty kissing it off the glass with a little English.
It's past Fred Vanvleet.
This shot six of six from the field.
Russell from the free throw line.
Unbelievable aggressiveness from D'Angelo.
Russell right there when Towns was in the post up, just was too small to be able to go finish it right.
Then Russell pulls up and two years will rustle up to a very nice start.
Cash money.
Three or four for the low.
Everybody else had been to in two until that one single miss by House, Jefferson knocks down the elbow jumper than best Kelsey Opt in.
What in the world's going on here?
Get a foul call.
Hollis Jefferson.
No Russell with the rebound doing a good job of staying composed here, trailed by nine, and it's now a two point game.
I really think that Beasley Johnson, with the basketball is part of that make up two years.
Kulbir drills.
The three that's nice to see a good ball movement gets zone again.
Russell for three.
Yes, what a debut for Russell Russell.
Knocking down triple again defensively is palpable.
Beasley double figures.
All five starters for the Raptors reached double figures.
Toronto also has McCall Boucher percent double, just going to drag screen by towns back.
Step behind the line again.
A chance to go back in front ball screen actions.
He's going back.
It's easily three ball down the hatch, it goes.
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D’Angelo Russell scores 22 points in Timberwolves debut vs. Raptors | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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